ILRF1 PS4 End Of Year Awards 2018

2018 End Of Year Awards is coming fast!

Its coming close to that time of year drivers, where we have our annual Christmas sprint championship, race to 10th around Monaco and of course our award ceremony live on air! Save the date – Thursday 20th December – 7pm UK Time.

This year the following awards are up for grabs –

ILR Driver of the Year
ILR Rookie of the Year ( first season league racing)
ILR Drive of the Year ( who had the best race? 20th to 1st?)
ILR Overtake of the Year (Does this need explaining?)
ILR Disasterclass of the Year ( who had the biggest disaster on or off track?)
ILR Personality of the Year (could make you laugh, funny in group chats, social media or all round nice guy)
ILR Most Improved Driver of the Year (Maybe 2017 or last season wasnt the best?)
ILR Honourable Mention ( standout work on or off track ) award decided by ILR admins solely **

You can submit yourself for a reward or nominate someone else for any of these great awards. Each driver is entitled to one entry per award, but can enter all of them.
All we need to know is

What award –
Driver –
Reason for it ?
Any evidence to back this up (could be tweet or race footage) (required for overtake of the year) –

Applications for the End Of Year Awards is now open, closing date Thursday 6th December.
The best 4 will go live on our twitter and to a poll. The poll votes will count for 66% of the votes while ILR admins have 33% of the remaining vote to cast themselves, so the winner wont be known until Awards day! :cool:

Winners will receive a trophy or PSN voucher 🙂


Check out last years races and awards below!

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