F1 2019 & ILRF1 Season 6 Information

As I am sure you are all aware a certain Codemasters game is released this week across PS4, Xbox and PC.

Initial impressions across the community are encouraging and does seem a step up from previous years, which is a relief more than anything.

Online seems fairly stable with some issues but we are still due the Day 1 patch, which hopefully fixes more issues then causes.

I see a lot of discussions on the timeline and the initial feedback seems to be – Pad OP, Setups are still an enigma, no silly downshifting in corners, and wet weather tricky. Running ABS seems to be slower too. All encouraging signs going towards a more sim model.

Going forward with F1 2019 and ILR into season 6 I have been asked quite a few questions about the mechanics of this game and what we will use to help run the league;

Which cars will we use in multiplayer? 2019 or custom? – Official 2019 F1 Constructors will be used for all ILR tiers. Custom liveries will mean no constructors, no consistency we are used to seeing. On a personal level I believe the custom liveries are not that nice looking for streaming purposes and viewers may get a bit confused.

Will the league use the in game league systems? – No.  It allows for only 20 drivers. No reserves. Admins can no remove drivers and has to be done via vote. The game does not also take into account retrospective time pens the stewards might issue, and time pens removed. Would severely limit us in how we operate. I have told admins this but if lobby hosts want to try it for 1-2 races be my guest, but wouldn’t recommend.


Season 6 sign ups will require all drivers to submit TT times at Silverstone & Austria both in the Mercedes (Dry).

Check out TRL Limitless video below on his Silverstone Hotlap and video. JD will be competing in ILR1 Xbox this coming season

ILRF1 Season 6 Information

I have been asked a lot of the same questions ahead of the new season so I will try and answer the most common ones below – 

Can I sign up yet? Sign ups go live on Tuesday 9th July for nearly 2 weeks. During this time all drivers must submit TT times and all relevant information required.

What are the TT Tracks? – Austria and Silverstone in the Mercedes (Dry Conditions). Get practicing!

2019 official cars or multiplayer cars to be used this season? – Official 2019 Formula 1 teams will be used and always will be.

I raced last season, do I need to sign up again? – Yes all drivers are required to submit new entries into the league (including reserves). New game, new game mechanics. The exception to this is select drivers in our top PS4 and Xbox tiers who have been invited back due to their great performances last season.

Can we pick our car and teammates? – Yes you can, this season we will allow all drivers to find a teammate and then inform us of their top 3 cars/ teams of choice. If we don’t hear from drivers within a set time frame we will auto assign.

When will lineups be announced? – 2/3 days after sign ups close. Hopefully around the 21st July. Once lineups are confirmed driver negotiations may begin to find a teammate and car.

When is the first race of the season? First races start Thursday 1st August. Xbox, Friday 2nd and the remaining PS4 tiers Sunday 4th August. Calendar is accessible via the forum too.

Will you do a F2 Championship? – Considering it but only when its available on multiplayer and Codemasters have the F2 format built into it online. IE.. Automatically sets grid for sprint race etc.


If I raced last season in ILR I am guaranteed a seat? 95% of the time the answer will be yes. However, as stated within the rules we have a strict criteria for drivers to attend at least 75% of the races during the season and complete them. Numerous drivers fell below this during the course of season 5, so if you get refused entry or made a reserve that could well be the reason. Drivers behaviours on and off track also play a factor, this will also be taken into consideration going forward as well.

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