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Statement: (League Racing Standards Association (LRSA) by

 ‘Striving to Improve League Racing Standards’ Due to recent events in the league racing community including deteriorating behaviour on and off track and a rise in abuse on social media platforms we collectively @OneHubRacing @PlayStation_GL and @ILRLeague have come together to attempt to address these issues.


We are forming a new partnership, the League Racing Standards Association (LRSA) in order to try and bring together our shared values and attempt to improve standards across all our leagues and improve the wider league racing community. There will be close co-operation between the members of this new association to try and combat some of the most toxic issues within the community.


We will operate a shared driver blacklist policy to identify individuals involved in the worst kind of behaviour and those who are determined to bring leagues into disrepute by holding them accountable on a cross league basis.


What this means in practice is as follows:

(1) If a driver is banned for the season for an on track incident or multiple on track incidents – he/she will be banned immediately from all three leagues (or prevented from signing up).

(2) If a driver is banned for time wasting, poor attendance & disrespect towards leagues he/she will be banned immediately from all three leagues (or prevented from signing up).

(3) If a driver is banned for poor off track behaviour on league websites, tier chats or on social media he/she will be banned from all three leagues (or prevented from signing up).


The length of such a ban will be determined by the members of the group, league owners and admins.


All members of the this new association have agreed that there will be trust placed between our respective stewards & league admin teams to come to a fair decision regarding these cases. We plan to include this on all of our league sign up pages to make this clear to the drivers from the day they sign up.

We hope that by supporting each other we can lift the standards both on and off track whilst respecting the work we all put in to running successful leagues. I think we can all agree that by working together to address these issues we will improve the community for everyone and in turn give a better, happier and more positive experience to you the drivers.

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