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Season 6 F1 Leagues Race Days


PC Tiers

ILR1 – Tuesdays 8pm UK Time


PS4 Tiers

ILR8 – Thursday 6.30pm UK Time

ILR7 – Thursday 6.30pm UK Time

ILR6 – Thursday 6.30pm UK Time

ILR5 – Thursday 8pm UK Time

ILR4 – Thursday 8pm UK Time

ILR3 – Sunday 7pm UK Time

ILR2 – Sunday 7pm UK Time

ILR1 – Sunday 5pm UK Time

ILR Americas – Sunday 10pm UK time (5pm EST)


Xbox Tiers

ILR5 – Friday 7.30pm UK Time

ILR4 – Friday 7.30pm UK Time

ILR3 – Friday 7.30pm UK Time

ILR2 – Friday 7.30pm UK Time

ILR1 – Friday 7.30pm UK Time


Racing leagues on Gran Turismo Sport & Official IndyCar League on Project Cars 2

ILRGT – Wednesday 6.45pm UK Time

Project Cars 2 – Mondays 6.45pm UK Time

Make sure to sign up to our drivers forum (found in the page menu at the top) and get involved in discussion and league sign ups

ILRF1 Season 6 Calendar

Below is the Season 6 calendar running on F1 2019.

We will be continuing with the same structure as previous seasons as stated above.

There will be a midseason break after the first 10 races, then again for the real life Brazilian GP in November.

For more details on what day your platform and tier runs follow this link – https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/season-6-calendar.638/