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    Round 21 | Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | Tuesday 28th January

    I won't be able to attend the race because I'm unable to login into my steam acc on my PC at my dad's house. (My phone broke so I can't use my mobile authenticator to login).
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    Round 19 | American Grand Prix | Tuesday 14th January

    I won't be able to attend tonight's race because I'm home late and I haven't had the time to practice as I have exams.
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    Round 18 | Mexican Grand Prix | Tuesday 7th January

    I can't make the race as my exams are starting on tuesday and my last exam is on the 22th
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    Round 17 | Japanese Grand Prix | Tuesday 3rd December

    I won't be able to attend the race. My pc is having issues running F1 2019 with constant crashes. I hope to resolve them before the next race. Sorry for the late notice and good luck to everyone racing!
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    Round 16 | Russian Grand Prix | Tuesday 26th November

    ICEMAN reason for non attendance: school ends later than normal
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    ILR1 PC Teammate & Car Selection - Tuesday 23rd July

    Steam: Iceman07 Team mate: no preference Top 3 cars in order of preference 1 Ferrari 2 Alfa Romeo 3 Mclaren
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    Season 6 PC Sign Ups - CLOSED

    Gamertag – (ICEMAN07) Twitter username – @Snowcune Nationality - Belgian TT time of Silverstone & Red Bull Ring in Mercedes (Both Dry) - Enc. What assists will you use for the season – none Wheel or Controller - Wheel Internet Speed Test (on...