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    ILRF1 PC Christmas Cup Championship - SIGN UPS OPEN

    Twitter name - @ILR_Shadow Steam ID - Shadow
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    ILRF1 Season 6 PC - Mid-Season Sign Ups - OPEN

    i added you on steam. do you have twitter it's our main form of communication and is a must have to be honest as you'd be in the twitter groupchat along with steam
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    ILRF1 Season 6 PC - Mid-Season Sign Ups - OPEN

    we need time trial times from you to determine your pace. It is a part of the sign up
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    Season 6 - Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier- 1 Race/Round – Monaco Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @ Kai Bachini Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) – the video really speaks for itself.
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    ILR1 PC Teammate & Car Selection - Tuesday 23rd July

    Driver Steam - Shadow Team mate Steam - Plexitz Top 3 cars in ranked order of preference (agreed with by teammate) - Renault Mclaren Haas
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    Season 6 PC Sign Ups - CLOSED

    Gamertag – Shadow Twitter username (@) (Twitter account required) – @Shadow44LH Nationality - British TT time of Silverstone & Red Bull Ring in Mercedes (Both Dry) - see attachment What assists will use for the season – Possibly "Corners Only" but aiming for None Wheel or Controller - Wheel...
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    Season 5 - Round 8 - Italy - Report Incidents Here

    Tier-2 Race-italy Drivers involved - Everyone apart from P1-P2 This needs to be adressed, this stupidity from drivers caused a huge pile up, and a ruined race for everyone, for example i had to serve a 5 second stop go in the pits and repair my wing :L
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    Season 5 Feedback & Season 6 Discussion

    1. Yeah I enjoy what you’re doing with the assist restriction this year it splits the men from the boys especially with the top tier! 2. in my opinion ILR1 should be the last race of the week instead of ILR2 to make it best to last kinda thing! Maybe have ILR6-7 on a Monday or Tuesday to break...
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    PSN Gamertag Changes - 12th - 17th April -CLOSED

    Twitter @ - X_S_U_ Old PSN name - ILR_Shadow New PSN Name - McBottle_ Tier - 2
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    PS4 Mini Championship PS4 All Tiers

    I’m down for this mate!
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    ILR_Shadow ILR2 Mercedes 8PM (I wanna team up with Bill😇)
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    Round 21 - United Arab Emirates - Report Incidents Here

    Tier 2 Abu Dhabi Banana Seriously. This guy had 3 laps to pit and get out the way of the leaders... THREE LAPS yet he stays out... I’ve never seen something so stupid in any of my races. Week in and week out this guys ruins races. If this isn’t race ban worthy then I don’t know what is.
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    Season 5 - Early Bird Sign up (Current Drivers Only) - CLOSED

    Gamer tag (cannot be changed mid season) - ILR_Shadow Twitter username (@) - ILRT_Shadow Tier you currently race in & position in the standings - ILR 2 & P2 What tier would you want to be in next season? - ILR 1 What assists do you plan on using for this season? - Line only ( no change for me )...
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    Round 15 - Singapore - Report Incidents here

    Tier - ILR 2 Round 15 - Singapore OnyxMer PENALTY REMOVAL As I’m being forced towards the wall I then take as much curb as possible to avoid pushing Onyx into the green wall on the right, if not for me doing that there could have been damage or worse a DNF. I accumulated 3 warnings this race...
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    Round 13 - Belgium - Report Incidents here

    ILR2 Belgium ILRT_Shadow (ILR_Shadow) It’s worth a shot but don't think i went off track to gain an advantage to receive this 3 second penalty.