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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 16 - Russian Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Ilr 5 Round - Russia Me (jcarty23) and Sam Saunders What happened - safety car restart and I’m trying to get as close to Sam as possible but leave enough space for any erratic movements, we slowly go through into the 3 sector he brakes randomly when we were going already at such a slow speed...
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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 11 - German Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier - 5 Round - Germany What happened - video speaks for its self
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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 11 - German Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier - 5 Round - Germany Driver involved - me, pynski, Milosz. What happened - I tried to follow dan by going round the outside of pynski into the hairpin and we come out the hairpin side by side coming up to the next corner where then milosz tried to go down the inside of us both causing us...
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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier - 5 Race - Austria Driver involved - me and speed Knighton Description - was going through the double left turn and the racing point ahead gets sideways and I saw him coming back towards the track so I moved over so I couldn’t hit him but speed Knighton was close to my car so when I...
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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier - 5 Race - Monaco Driver involved - speed_knighton What happened - in short massive dive bomb into T1 causing a pile up and many broken front wings
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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier - 5 Round - 4 Driver involved - TMC_Corboy97 And Jcarty23 What happened - corboy just overtook me on the straight and gong into T2 his car lagged back then forward and ghosted but I still somehow made contact with him. So I slowed down to let him back pass and his car veered right across...
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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    I broke at my normal point for the hairpin and ronline broke way earlier than I expected and hit into him. I ended up losing a chunk of my wing which cost me 1 second per lap and the 5 second wing change which I think was a fair punishment. This shows I usually brake at the same point Me...
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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier - ilr 5 Drivers involved - swfc_jordan and jcarty23 What happened - I went for the move on the right and he blocked it off as I got my wing alongside his rear tyre. How did it effect my race - it didn’t but it was dirty defending and it could’ve ended worse
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    ILR5 Teammate & Car Selection - Tuesday 23rd July

    Driver psn name: Jcarty23 Teammate psn name: HuwbertoMancini Top 3 cars are: Ferrari, Alfa Romeo sauber and Mercedes
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    ILRF1 Season 6 PS4 Sign Up - CLOSED

    Gamertag – jcarty23 Twitter username (@) (Twitter account required) – @jamiecarty1903 Nationality -Scottish TT time of Silverstone & Red Bull Ring in Mercedes (Both Dry) - 1:28:028 and 1:04:966 What assists will you use for the season – abs, medium traction and line Wheel or Controller - wheel...
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    Season 5 - Round 3 - Bahrain - Report Incidents Here

    Incident 1 Tier - ilr 5 Race - Bahrain Drivers involved - jcarty23 @jamiecarty1903 & I don’t even know What happened - slightly poor start and got mobbed before t1 but got taken out by someone behind How’d it effect my race - sent me spinning and gave me damaged front wing Incident 2 Drivers...
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    Season 5 - Introduce Yourself!

    Q1. ILR 4 S4 was my first real attempt at league racing. I also race in psgl f5 at the moment Q2. Finished in 5th it 6th (to lazy to check) in ilr 4 last season Q3. Consistent points some podiums and possibly a win
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    Season 5 - Early Bird Sign up (Current Drivers Only) - CLOSED

    Gamer tag (cannot be changed mid season) - jcartylfc1 Twitter username (@) - jamiecarty1903 Tier you currently race in & position in the standings - ilr 4 and 5th What tier would you want to be in next season? - ilr 4 What assists do you plan on using for this season? - medium tc auto gears...
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    Round 18 - USA - Report Incidents Here

    Ilr 4 Entire grid What happened : the formation lap wasn’t on from as you can see from the first clip even though nicolo claims that it was on the whole time and glitched, in the second part some people didn’t realise that we didn’t have a formation lap so sat on the grid or started weaving...
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    Round 11 | German Grand Prix | Thursday 13th December

    Won’t be able to race as of Christmas plans made ages ago