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    Round 20 | Brazilian Grand Prix | Thursday 23rd January

    BWRT_Josh @BWRT_Josh Reason for not attending: Work
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    Round 13 | Belgian Grand Prix | Thursday 31st October

    BWRT_Josh I’m workings
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    Round 11 | German Grand Prix | Thursday 17th October

    BWRT_Josh @BWRT_Josh Reason for not attending: Work
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    ILRF1 Season 6 PS4 Sign Up - CLOSED

    Gamertag – BWRT_Josh Twitter username (@) (Twitter account required) – BWRT_Josh Nationality - RSA TT time of Silverstone & Red Bull Ring in Mercedes (Both Dry) - Austria-1:04.573 and Britain-1:27.878 What assists will you use for the season – Wheel or Controller - ABS and racing line Internet...
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    Round 6 | British Grand Prix | Thursday 16th May

    Can’t race working PSN-BWRT_Josh Twitter-BWRT_Josh
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    Round 4 | Spanish Grand Prix | Thursday 2nd May

    PSN: BWRT_Josh Twitter: BWRT_Josh Working tonight... again
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    Round 3 | Bahrain Grand Prix | Thursday 25th April

    Working tonight can’t make it... PSN:BWRT_Josh Twitter:BWRT_Josh
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    PSN Gamertag Changes - 12th - 17th April -CLOSED

    Twitter @ - BWRT_Josh Old PSN name - LMC_Josh New PSN Name - BWRT_Josh Tier - ILR 4
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    Season 5 - Expectations?

    To finally get my first ILR win.
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    ILRF1 Season 5 Driver Sign up - CLOSED

    Gamer tag (cannot be changed mid season) - LMC_Josh Twitter username (@) - J05HW18 TT Times in Australia & Austria (Both Dry) - Australia-1:19.840 Austria-1:04.142 Internet speed test ( On UK server) - Download 110mbps upload 6.05mbps What assists do you plan on using for this season? - Medium...
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    Round 3 - China - Report Incidents here

    Tier: ILR 3 Round 3 China Lap 3 Involving: TheJoker35/LMC_Josh/EFCMatthew Matt and Joker go side by side then Joker doesn’t leave enough room for Matt whizh sends both of them into my car which ruined all of our races...
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    Round 1 | Australian Grand Prix | Thursday 27th September

    Can’t make it 😞
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    PS4 social/practice race for opening round for the season 23rd September 7pm

    Hey guys, I’ll be hosting a race at Albert Park (Australia) for a social/practice race. We'll be running normal ILR settings and you're allowed to get in any car you want (even if it’s your ILR car whatever tier you're in) Add me LMC_Josh and please leave your PSN ID and Twitter name so I...
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    PS4 Social Race ILR1/2/3 Drivers - Thursday 7pm - FULL

    Twitter-LMC_Josh PSN-LMC_Josh
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    F1 2018 - PS4 - Saturday 8th September - 8pm BST

    I’m in And I think I’ve got u on my new account but I’ll check