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    PS4 Season 6 - Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier: 2 Race/Round: China round 3 Millkdjsk And wommeh milk is still to pit. I overtake him and he decides to dive it back up my inside hitting the car infront and also leaving me no where to go/ time to react causing me to hit his rear and give me damage which more or less killed the race I...
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    ILRGT T1 | Round 9 | Suzuka | Wednesday 7th August

    Sister leaving for uni in Norway on Thursday so out for dinner. Won’t be able to attend
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    ILR2 Teammate & Car Selection - Tuesday 23rd July

    Driver PSN - Wommeh_ Team mate PSN - xZenqiii Top 3 cars in ranked order of preference (agreed with by teammate) - Renault, Red bull, Mercedes
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    ILRF1 Season 6 PS4 Sign Up - CLOSED

    Gamertag – Wommeh_ Twitter username (@) (Twitter account required) – WoMmEH Nationality - British TT time of Silverstone & Red Bull Ring in Mercedes (Both Dry) - 1:27.6 and 1:04:1 What assists will you use for the season – just Line Wheel or Controller - Controller Internet Speed Test (on UK...
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    Round 6 | British Grand Prix | Sunday 19th May

    Cannot make the race due to me going out for a family dinner.
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    PS4 ILR Le Mans - Annual Triple Crown Event - Monday 17th June

    PSN ID - Wommeh395 Twitter @ - WoMmEH Do you own or will buy a LMP1 Car - Indeed Past GT Experience - multiple seasons of ILR GT Can you attend the race on Monday 17th June - yes
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    Round 5 | Austrian Grand Prix | Sunday 12th May

    Cannot race, have exams
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    Driver Details, Car & Livery Selection

    PSN - Wommeh395 Twitter - WoMmEH Car Selection - dallara Sf19 Honda Driver Number - 72 Photo of car livery - Team Name - TM Racing with ILRT
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    Season 5 - Round 3 - Bahrain - Report Incidents Here

    Tier - ILR 2 Bahrain LMC_Es_Muerto And Aleskiller I left space for the three of us leading to a warning and then later Alex shoved me off leading to another warning. I only received 1 more warning all race and feel I should have my pen removed
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    Season 5 - Round 2 - China - Report Incidents Here

    Tier- 2 Race/Round – China round 2 Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @ LMC_Es Muerto And Ozone_joch Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) – he leaves no room forcing me to go wide giving me a warning then leaves no room on the...
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    ILRGT Season 5 - Super Formula - Mid Season Sign Ups Open

    PSN Gamertag - Wommeh395 Twitter username - WoMmEH GT Sport experience/League experience - every season of gt sport in ILR Super Formula Time Trial time on Supersoft tyres at Fuji (With Chicane) - 1:20:587
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    PSN Gamertag Changes - 12th - 17th April -CLOSED

    Twitter - WoMmEH Old Psn - LMC_Wommeh New PSN- LMC_Es_Muerto Tier - 2
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    PS4 Season 5 suggestions

    Track - anything bar Bathurst or NORDSCHLEIFE. Car - anything bar Gr.4 maybe the new super formula. Fuel needs to be saved not just pit for tyres Change tyres for different rounds. So like M/h one round and SS/S the next. And implement you have to use different compounds to get rid of S/S
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    Round 21 | Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | Sunday 10th March

    Cannot race, have a lot of coursework to complete