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  1. tau_s78

    Round 21 | Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | Sunday 10th March

    Cant race tomorrow because im going out with some friends in the evening @tau_s78
  2. tau_s78

    Round 19 | Mexican Grand Prix | Sunday 24th February

    Cant race tonight due to family commitments tau_s78 both psn&twitter
  3. tau_s78

    Round 18 | United States Grand Prix | Sunday 17th February

    Can‘t race today, going to a football game in the evening tau_s78
  4. tau_s78

    Round 15 | Singapore Grand Prix | Sunday 27th January

    Cant race tonight @tau_s78 psn and twitter
  5. tau_s78


    I‘m selling my wheel, Thrustmaster T300RS + pedals( will get a new wheel for christmas). If anyone is interested in buying, please DM on twitter @tau_s78 for further information.
  6. tau_s78

    Round 6 | Monaco Grand Prix | Sunday 4th November

    Sry cant race tonight tau_s78 @tau_s78
  7. tau_s78

    F1 2018 - PS4 - Monday 27 August - 18:30 CEST Time

    Twitter and Psn- tau_s78
  8. tau_s78

    Last Season Drivers Sign Up Thread - Season 4 (Closed)

    Gamer tag- tau_s78 Twitter username- sebastian_tau Tier you currently race in & where did you finish in the standings?-I think i am a reserve atm What tier do you want to be in next season - ILR1 What assists do you use? - Racing Line and Anti Lock Brakes Internet speed test( UK server)- 37ping...