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  1. Warren

    Round 1 | Australian Grand Prix | Thursday 11th April

    @TnB_WaZi_C TnB_WaZi_C Not gonna make the opener guys... gonna be out of town
  2. Warren

    Round 21 | Abu Dhabi Grand Prix | Thursday 7th March

    TnB_WaZi_C @TnB_WaZi_C Missing out on the season finale gent, Apologies
  3. Warren

    Season 5 - Early Bird Sign up (Current Drivers Only) - CLOSED

    Gamer tag (cannot be changed mid season) - TnB_WaZi_C Twitter username (@) @TnB_WaZi_C Tier you currently race in & position in the standings - ILR3 (18Th) What tier would you want to be in next season? ILRX What assists do you plan on using for this season?- line only as always Nationality-...
  4. Warren

    Round 20 | Brazilian Grand Prix | Thursday 28th February

    TnB_WaZi_C @TnB_WaZi_C Hurts to miss out on this classic race but unfortunately I’m not gonna make it
  5. Warren

    Round 19 | Mexican Grand Prix | Thursday 21st February

    TnB_WaZi_C @TnB_WaZi_C unfortunately gonna miss out on this one too lads
  6. Warren

    Round 18 | United States Grand Prix | Thursday 14th February

    TnB_WaZi_c @TnB_WaZi_c Sorry guys, gonna miss this one.
  7. Warren

    Round 17 | Japanese Grand Prix | Thursday 7th February

    TnB_WaZi_C @TnB_WaZi_C . Hi Guys, Sorry gonna miss this one as well ffs...
  8. Warren

    Round 16 | Russian Grand Prix | Thursday 31st January

    Sorry guys, I wont make it either @TnB_WaZi_c TnB_WaZi_c
  9. Warren

    Round 15 | Singapore Grand Prix | Thursday 24th January

    TnB_WaZi_C @TnB_WaZi_C Hi Guys, Apologies... But unfortunately I will miss the race tomorrow again this week.
  10. Warren

    Round 14 | Italian Grand Prix | Thursday 17th January

    TnB_WaZi_C @TnB_WaZi_C Morning Gents, Unfortunately I will not be home and will be Unable to race. Apologies
  11. Warren

    Round 11 - Germany - Report Incidents here

    TnB_WaZi_c & Zingky Not one to complain too much... not much to say about this bomb either... except it comprimiced my race. Not the spot to overtake cleanly
  12. Warren

    Round 5 | Spanish Grand Prix | Thursday 25th October

    Hi Guys Unfortunately I will not make the race tonight, having internet issues. I will be back next week. Apologies cheers
  13. Warren

    PS4 Social Race ILR1/2/3 Drivers - Thursday 20th September - 7pm BST - FULL

    Twitter. TnB_WaZi_c Psn. TnB_WaZi_C
  14. Warren

    PS4 Social Race ILR1/2/3 Drivers - Thursday 7pm - FULL

    twitter : @TnB_WaZi_C PSN : TnB_WaZi_C
  15. Warren

    Favourite track you are looking forward to drive in new game?

    Spa and COTA... Great tracks for racing. Hockenheim classic layout was a beast, new layout is also good
  16. Warren

    Last Season Drivers Sign Up Thread - Season 4 (Closed)

    Gamer tag - TnB_WaZi_C Twitter Username- @TnB_WaZi_C Tier you currently race in & where did you finish in the standings- ILR3 P7 What tier would you want to be in next season? - ILR3 What assists do you use – Racing line only Internet speed test (on UK server) – 10mb down / 5mb up (uk server...