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  1. Gonanen

    PS4 Season 6 - Round 17 - Japanese Grand Prix - Incidents Here

    Tier-ILR1 Race/Round – R17 Japan Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @ILRT_Louis Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) – Cutting last chicane should give pen or warning if I get a warning when I slide out at spoon I lose there time...
  2. Gonanen

    PS4 ILRF1 PS4 Christmas Cup Championship - CLOSED

    Laaaate but... Twitter name - @GonanenTeo PSN gamertag - LR_Gonanen What tier you are racing in - ILR1
  3. Gonanen

    ILRF1 Season 6 - PS4 Sunday Tiers Statement (ILR1,ILR2,ILR3)

    Twitter - @GonanenTeo PSN - LR_Gonanen Currrent Sunday Tier - ILR1
  4. Gonanen

    Round 9 | Austrian Grand Prix | Sunday 29th September

    Can't race wheel broke... LR_Gonanen @GonanenTeo
  5. Gonanen

    Round 8 | French Grand Prix | Sunday 22nd September

    Wheel broken LR_Gonanen @GonanenTeo
  6. Gonanen

    Round 2 | Bahrain GP | Sunday 11th August

    LR_Gonanen @GonanenTeo Coming away from Turkey so not going to make it
  7. Gonanen

    Round 1 | Australian GP | Sunday 4th August

    PSN - LR_Gonanen Twitter - @GonanenTeo Just booked flyights to abroad so going to miss this and Bahrain
  8. Gonanen

    ILR1 Teammate & Car Selection - Tuesday 23rd July

    Driver PSN - LR_Gonanen Team mate PSN - ILRT_LikkleF1, (Edward is at Spain so he can't post) Top 3 cars in ranked order of preference (agreed with by teammate) - Haas, Alfa Romeo, Toro Rosso
  9. Gonanen

    ILRF1 Season 6 PS4 Sign Up - CLOSED

    Gamertag – LR_Gonanen Twitter username (@) (Twitter account required) – GonanenTeo Nationality - Finnish TT time of Silverstone & Red Bull Ring in Mercedes (Both Dry) - Very Slow What assists will you use for the season – No assists Wheel or Controller - Wheel Internet Speed Test (on UK server)...
  10. Gonanen

    Round 8 | Italian Grand Prix | Sunday 2nd June

    Unable to race. Friends are coming to visit so it equals beer and sauna.
  11. Gonanen

    Round 3 | Bahrain Grand Prix | Sunday 28th April

    Family stuff going on so cant race tonight. Gonanen_87, @GonanenTeo
  12. Gonanen


    PSN - Gonanen_87 Tier - ILR1 Car - Red Bull 6:30 only works for me
  13. Gonanen

    Season 5 - Early Bird Sign up (Current Drivers Only) - CLOSED

    Gamer tag: Gonanen_87 Twitter username (@) - GonanenTeo Tier you currently race in & position in the standings - ILR1, P7 What tier would you want to be in next season? - ILR1 What assists do you plan on using for this season? - RL Nationality - Finnish Can you make Thursday evenings or Sunday...
  14. Gonanen

    Round 20 - Brazil - Report Incidents Here

    Tier ILR1, Brazil Leon spun in front of me and tried to avoid him causing me 8 secs worth penalties. Got stop&go penalty speeding at first pit stop and served it when safetycar came out, still it calculated it to overall race time.
  15. Gonanen

    Round 16 | Russian Grand Prix | Sunday 3rd February

    Can't race tonight. Fiance decided to go to gym so have to watch my kid.
  16. Gonanen

    Round 15 - Singapore - Report Incidents here

    Tier - ILR1 Round 15 - Singapore Brumadinho @Brumadinho1 This dude retires on track and his car blocks and ruins my last quali lap Seen on stream at time 10:40
  17. Gonanen

    Round 11 | German Grand Prix | Sunday 16th December

    Out, not at home.
  18. Gonanen

    ILRF1 PS4 End of Year Awards - Nominations Closed

    ILR Overtake(s) of the Year My race winning over take at Britain S3: seen on ILR stream from 40:33 Overtaking Oogie at wet on Malaysia GP S3: seen on ILR stream from 18:22 Both commentated by Andy :)
  19. Gonanen

    Round 2 - Bahrain - Report Incidents here

    ILR1 Bahrain/Round 2 VSR_Francis Doing just stupid moves. On first lap trying to go a gap that isn't there and hitting me behind. Trying to win a race at first corner. Then just doing those stupid divebombs. All these cost me two front wings. On this vid there is too some desyncs.