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    Round 7 | Canadian Grand Prix | Sunday 15th September

    @_ScubaMUFC ScubaMUFC I'm away from home all weekend so can't make the race
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    Round 6 | Monaco Grand Prix | Sunday 8th September

    ScubaMUFC @_ScubaMUFC Will miss the race this weekend because I will be at a wedding
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    ILR2 Teammate & Car Selection - Tuesday 23rd July

    Driver PSN- ScubaMUFC Teammate PSN- Matt_TibosCFC Top 3 cars ranked in order of preference (agreed with by my teammate)- 1. Renault 2. Mercedes 3. Red Bull
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    ILRF1 Season 6 PS4 Sign Up - CLOSED

    Gamertag- ScubaMUFC Twitter- @_ScubaMUFC Nationality- Irish TT Silverstone & Austria- 1.27.477 & 1.04.426 Assists- Line and ABS Wheel or Pad- Pad Internet speed- 35.7mbps download, 9.2mbps upload, 25 ping Can you race Thursday's & Sunday's?- Yes Have you read our Rules/Regulations and accept...
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    PS4 F1 2019 Social Races - PS4 - SIGN UP NOW

    PSN - ScubaMUFC Twitter @ - @_ScubaMUFC Current Tier - ILR3 Thursday or Sunday Races - Get the game on 28th so Sunday
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    Season 6 Predictions and Goals

    My aim is to bring back the consistency I had on F1 2017 and cut out the DNF's because nothing is worse than the feeling when you DNF because of a mistake you did
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    Season 5 Feedback & Season 6 Discussion

    1. I like the assist restrictions for the Sunday tiers and yes it does but I cannot get to grips with no abs on a pad. 2. I think the way it is setup now works perfectly. 3. Be extremely strict with any drivers (in the same esports team) caught helping each other in a race if they are not...
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    Season 5 - Round 1 - Australia - Report Incidents Here

    Tier: ILR3 Track: Australia Drivers involved: TMC__Scuba & PagagaaienNeus21 Description: Lap 1 turn 3 torpedo from Paga on Scuba causing half the field to lose there front wings on lap 1. Footage:
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    PSN Gamertag Changes - 12th - 17th April -CLOSED

    Twitter @ - @_ScubaMUFC Old PSN name - ScubaMUFC New PSN Name - TMC__Scuba Tier - ILR3
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    ILRF1 Season 5 Driver Sign up - CLOSED

    Gamer tag - ScubaMUFC Twitter username - @ScubaMUFC_92 TT Times in Australia & Austria - 1.19.990 1.03.642 Internet speed test - Download 29.2mbps Upload 4.2mbps What assists do you plan on using for this season? - Racing Line and ABS Nationality - Irish Can you make Thursday evenings or Sunday...
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    Round 14 | Italian Grand Prix | Sunday 20th January

    PSN- ScubaMUFC Twitter- @ScubaMUFC_92 Not home this weekend
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    Round 13 | Belgian Grand Prix | Sunday 13th January

    PSN- ScubaMUFC Twitter- @ScubaMUFC_92 Cannot race tonight lads, I'm not home this weekend.
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    Round 11 | German Grand Prix | Sunday 16th December

    I can't make the race tonight because I'm not at home today
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    Round 4 - Azerbaijan - Report Incidents here

    Tier- PS4 ILR2 Race/Round - Baku/Round 4 Driver(s) involved- Goody2k7, ScubaMUFC, @KickGoedemans @ScubaMUFC_92 Description of incident- (Lap 5, Turn 2) Myself and Goody are side by side on lap 5 heading into turn 2 with me (Scuba) on the outside, unfortunately he does not leave me enough...
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    PS4 Social Race ILR1/2/3 Drivers - Thursday 20th September - 7pm BST - FULL

    Twitter - @ScubaMUFC_92 PSN - ScubaMUFC
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    PS4 Social Race ILR1/2/3 Drivers - Thursday 7pm - FULL

    Twitter : @ScubaMUFC_92 PSN : ScubaMUFC
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    F1 2018 - PS4 - Saturday 8th September - 8pm BST

    Twitter - @ScubaMUFC_92 PSN - ScubaMUFC
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    F1 2018 - PS4 - Thursday 30th August - 7pm BST (CLOSED)

    Twitter - @ScubaMUFC_92 PSN - ScubaMUFC
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    ILRF1 Season 4 Sign Up Thread (Closed)

    Gamertag – ScubaMUFC Twitter username – @ScubaMUFC_92 TT time of Australia & Austria (Dry) (F1 2018) – Australia (1.19.990) Austria (1.03.975) Past league racing experience – TMC Division 3, TMC Division 2, TMC Premier League. TUF2, TUF1. PSGL F2. What assists do you use – Racing line (corners...