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  1. SereneLogic

    ILR DiRT 4 Rally League - Season 3 - Sign-Up Thread [POSTPONED UNTIL DR2.0]

    Platform: PC Nationality: Dutch Gamertag: SereneLogic Racenet Username: SereneLogic Twitter Username: @Serene_L0gic Vehicle Selection: Peugeot 208 T16 R5
  2. SereneLogic

    ILR DiRT 4 Rally League - Season 3 - Information Thread

    Introduction Welcome to the third season of ILR's rally league on DiRT 4, a rally-themed racing video game made by Codemasters. After Season 2 @SereneLogic has taken over the role as DiRT 4 Coordinator, meaning that for everything DiRT 4 related you can best ask him. That wasn't the only change...
  3. SereneLogic

    ILR DiRT 4 - S2 Feedback

    Personally I've already looked at the current season (S2) and noted down the main issues we've had so far: Event Setup Unable to load setups until first service Missing services Issues with car limitations Questionable power stage time of day I found that most power stages were held at...
  4. SereneLogic

    ILR DiRT 4 - S2 Feedback

    Hello everyone, In order to bring you the best possible ILR events on DiRT 4, I'd love to know your thoughts on the S2 (and S1) and what you think we did well, what we did wrong and some ideas of where to head next. Everyone opinion is definitely useful, so don't feel afraid to drop some...
  5. SereneLogic

    Season 2 Championship Standings

    ILR D4 Season 2 Championship Standings Link:
  6. SereneLogic

    Introduce Yourself

    Oh I love being one of the first :D I'm SereneLogic, but you can call me Nigel considering that's also the name I carry in real life and on my twitter (@Serene_L0gic). Usually always ready to assists people with just about anything, given I have the time to actually be of any use. I guess you...