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  1. Soupcooler

    Round 5 | Watkins Glen | Monday 22nd April

    If there's any free slots tonight would it be possible for me to race?
  2. Soupcooler

    PS4 PS4 Sprint Races - Thursday 21st March 8pm - OPEN

    Cancel my entry. Can't make it
  3. Soupcooler

    ILRF1 PS4 End of Year Awards - Nominations Closed

    2 nominations in 2 races? Really? Wow. Overtake of the year: Bulletproof repays the favour from Monaco. Goes around the outside of the last chicane in canada (22:15)
  4. Soupcooler

    ILRF1 PS4 End of Year Awards - Nominations Closed

    ILR Overtake of the year nomination ILR2 PS4 S4 Monaco Wizelig going around the outside of saint Devotte. Found at 31:40 on stream
  5. Soupcooler

    ILRF1 PS4 End of Year Awards - Nominations Closed

    Award: Personality of the Year Person: Paul McGinnes Reason: for being Paul 😂. Really nice guy to chat with and makes some hillarious "evil edits" as I like to call them. For example
  6. Soupcooler

    ILR DiRT 4 Rally League - Season 3 - Sign-Up Thread [POSTPONED UNTIL DR2.0]

    Platform: PS4 Nationality: Irish Gamertag: Soupcooler Racenet username: Soupcooler Twitter: @_Soupcooler Car Choice: Peugeot 205 T16 R5
  7. Soupcooler

    ILR DiRT 4 - S2 Feedback

    I think we'd all like to see the issue with the setups resolved! The amount of stages is fine but in some cases we were missing services that were needed. 4 stages with no service is a big ask. Because of the inaccurate pace notes,I think we should avoid fog in Spain😂. 14km in the fog is a death...
  8. Soupcooler


    Guys please. I'm afraid you're all incorrect. This is the absolute GOAT
  9. Soupcooler

    Introduce Yourself

    Hey lads. My name is Soup but you can call me Jack if you like! I'm 18 and come from the wonderful island of Ireland. I'm part of the commentary team here at ILR. I've been part of ILR since the S1 Austrian GP and,surprisingly enough,I haven't been kicked out yet😂😂😂. I've done 3 seasons here...
  10. Soupcooler


    The fact that Perez helped the team into and out of administration will play well for his future in the team. I think ocon will probably have to start looking.