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  1. FCGameboys888

    You, Your Team Mate and Team Results Predictions/Goals

    Quite interested in what you expect from the next season. Where will you finish and are you heading to? How do you think is your team mate going to do or what do you expect from him/her? And are you going to fight for the title with your team or simply trying to get some points in every now and...
  2. FCGameboys888

    F1 2018 - PS4 - Monday 27 August - 18:30 CEST Time

    Yo guys just organising a social race to race for the first time against some of you and have a good distance race again. Doing a race on Australia, Germany or France is a bit uncreative right now I think, so let's do a random 50% Hungary race, could be fun right? Just some basic information...