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  1. mrstim96

    Round 16 | Russian Grand Prix | Thursday 31st January

    Can’t race today either, got a school concert which I must attend
  2. mrstim96

    Round 11 | German Grand Prix | Thursday 13th December

    screw you xD
  3. mrstim96

    Round 10 - Britain - Report Incidents here

    Tier- ILR4 Race/Round – Silverstone Driver(s) involved – mrstim96, kingdonmartin, farthbuh(@mrstim96, @MartinKingdon21, @Farthbuh) Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) – On the SC restart, Kam has spun which after Martin broke on the...
  4. mrstim96

    Round 5 - Spain - Report Incidents here

    Tier- ILR4 Race/Round – Spanish GP Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @ mrstim96(@mrstim96) Trenchgun0211(@DanHD2102) Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) – Several movements down the straight
  5. mrstim96

    ILR4 | Post Race Reports

    Australian Grand Prix Inside Line Racing season opener here in Australia was one hell of a race we saw. 29 laps of Albert Park has provided a great season opener for ILR4 season. With all the preparation been completed for all 10 teams we head down to Qualifying for season opener in ILR4...
  6. mrstim96

    Round 2 - Bahrain - Report Incidents here

    Tier: ILR4 Drivers: mrstim96 and cloudyballoons What happened: tucked in behind cloudy to get slipstream and he suddenly lost speed whichever caused me wing damage Video:
  7. mrstim96

    Round 2 - Bahrain - Report Incidents here

    TIER - ILR4 Driver involved: mrstim96 and cloudyballoons Description: I broke perfectly at 100m board as I always did and cloudy rammed me in to the rear pushing me off the road conceding me 2 places Video: VIDEO 2:
  8. mrstim96

    Round 2 | Bahrain Grand Prix | Thursday 4th October

    Okay, thanks for letting us know mate. Looking forward to seeing you back in China ;)
  9. mrstim96

    ILR4 | Post Race Reports

    Hello ILR4 Drivers, In this thread weekly we will post a Document with the most recent Post Race Report. The idea of this is to entertain the ILR4 visitors and drivers to provide them with a good read. Post Race Report will include; - Qualifying Review with Results Table and we will also try...
  10. mrstim96

    PS4 Social Race ILR4/5/6 Drivers - Thursday 20th September - 7pm BST - FULL

    PSN: mrstim96 Twitter: @mrstim96
  11. mrstim96


    thanks, will definitely be fun
  12. mrstim96

    ILRF1 Steward Admins Required

    Twitter username - mrstim96 League racing experience - ILR, PSGL, AOR, IRL, DRS What would make you a good steward ? - Have the experience and love hard but fair battle etiquette between drivers on track. Always been analyzing each incident frame by frame to look out for slightest details...
  13. mrstim96


    I'm starting my driving lessons soon as well and really looking forward to that
  14. mrstim96

    Last Season Drivers Sign Up Thread - Season 4 (Closed)

    Gamer tag - mrstim96 Twitter username (@) – @mrstim96 Tier you currently race in & where did you finish in the standings – ILR 3 - Finished 17th What tier would you want to be in next season? - ILR 4/5 What assists do you use – Used no TC and no abs but turning all assists off Internet speed...