Aug 12, 2018
I agree with some of you, I see a lot of you are saying Ericsson, as much as a big sauber fan I am, I want him gone. (No offence to anyone) the only thing keeping him there is his money. Fair enough sauber are sometimes frequent mid-field runners, Ericsson has always been in a “back marker car” since the start of his F1 career. If he was wanted by other teams, he’d be there by now. I don’t hate the guy, just wish he would pick up the pace a little tbh. Sauber could’ve kept Nasr or Pascal tbh. Miss those 2 the most.

As for Sainz at McLaren, I cant see that going down well unless mclaren really do up their car performance for next year. People really hyped up mclaren this year with the Renault engine in the back of the car, plus with Renault doing well themselves, I thought points were possible, which obv they have achieved several occasions. Vandoorne deserves another shot next year, he hasn’t been having the best of luck, as does Hartley.

Also, with Sainz’s move to Mclaren, is this guy still on loan from red bull?
Sainz contract ends with Red Bull this September, so I'm pretty sure he will be a full McLaren driver


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Aug 13, 2018
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Tbh with Sirotkin, he is fast has hes proven in F2 and his quali peformances in that Williams but he is just so inconsistent and that what hurts him alot. He is way better than Stroll but he cant prove it

Yeah it’ll be interesting what happens with who’s in what team for 2019 ngl