ILR DiRT 4 Rally League - Season 3 - Information Thread

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Aug 13, 2018
Welcome to the third season of ILR's rally league on DiRT 4, a rally-themed racing video game made by Codemasters. After Season 2 @SereneLogic has taken over the role as DiRT 4 Coordinator, meaning that for everything DiRT 4 related you can best ask him. That wasn't the only change going into Season 3 though, with a new Coordinator comes a new format for this league, along with a slightly different ruleset.

League Format
This season will consist out of 5 rally events, each of which will feature 7 stages. These stages will vary in length, complexity, weather and time of day. Each event runs for a full week, so every particpant has to get their runs in before the end of these following times:
  • Monday 00:00 BST - Sunday 23:30 BST
Some other format-related settings for this season are:
  • Assists are allowed, with the exception of Launch Control, ABS and Traction Control.
  • Restarts are not allowed, if any error occurs please contact @SereneLogic.
  • Career Engineers and Owned Cars are allowed, feel free to use whatever you want as long as it is in agreement with the rules.
  • Setups are allowed.
  • There will be a service after every 2 stages, with the exception of the 7th stage (Power Stage), which always has a service before its start.

Points System
This season we'll be using the official FIA WRC Points System, this means the following:
  1. 25 Points
  2. 18 Points
  3. 15 Points
  4. 12 Points
  5. 10 Points
  6. 8 Points
  7. 6 Points
  8. 4 Points
  9. 2 Points
  10. 1 Point
On top of this each rally will feature a Power Stage, which will always be the 7th stage of the event. This stage will be fairly short and will yield 5 points to the fastest person, down to 1 point for the 5th fastest on the stage.

  1. Starting this season, every participant has to officially sign-up on the forums. We'll be providing a Sign-Up thread once the sign-up period opens. This means that anyone who hasn't signed up will be removed from both the Twitter chat and the Racenet club.

  2. Each participant has to finish the event between the available times, these being in between 00:00 BST on Monday and 23:30 BST on Sunday. Anyone who doesn't finish the rally will be classified as either DNS or DNF, depending on if you started at least one stage, and you'll not be eligible to earn any championship points.

  3. Every driver has to be driving one of the following cars; Mitsubishi Space Star R5, Peugeot 208 T16 R5, Ford Fiësta R5. The Hyundai R5 has been banned due to providing unfair advantages to those it's available to. Participants will be made to choose a car when signing up to the league, and they have to finish the season with the car they've chosen. If anyone uses a car that they've not signed up with they will be disqualified from the event.

  4. Upon signing up you'll be tasked to send a request to the Racenet Club, if someone doesn't send a request you'll not be able to participate in this league/championship.

  5. After processing your sign-up, you'll be added to a Twitter Group DM, please be aware that you're required to act appropiately in there. We also don't allow (self-)advertising for other parties, unless given explicit permission from @Jack Gooding or @SereneLogic. The only exception to this rule is if you're streaming DiRT 4 on Twitch or Youtube, we always promote content creators on DiRT 4.
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