ILR4 Season 6 Information and Driver Roster

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Aug 4, 2018
Hello and welcome to season 6 in ILR!

A few important things all drivers should be aware of going into the season;

Rules –

Please ensure you have read the rules and familiar with how we operate.

Each race week we will have a race thread on the forum where you can see updated penalties, lobby host, standings and who is commentating etc. If you can’t make the race you do post on these threads. If you don’t post (no later than 3 hours before) it will count as a unauthorised absence and go against your name. 2 of these in a row and we are entitled to revoke your seat.

Stewarding –

To report an incident, please follow this link here

All incidents must be posted via the forum stewards thread with your POV otherwise it won’t be reviewed. We ask for respect between drivers involved and stewards dealing with the incidents.

Twitter –
Please remain active on twitter and ensure you have our notifications on. As you know we have twitter group chats for all our drivers for each tier.

Reserves –

We will inform you 24/48Hhrs before the race, but in some cases it can be a few hours before the Grand Prix due to late pull outs. Reserves are expected to attend every race and if you cannot, please post on the weekly race threads to let us know. We will inform directly through twitter DM if a space is available.

Calendar in full -

ILR4 Tier Info

Thursday Evenings

Time: 8pm BST (Invites sent at 7.50pm)

Lobby Host(s): BWRT_Paul / JackG2207 - please ensure you have added both on PSN.

Commentator(s): ILRT_Cliffy

Driver Lineup & Car Selection -

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