ILR7 Championship - Season 5 Info


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Aug 4, 2018

Welcome to ILR7 and congratulations are securing a seat as a full time or a reserve driver. Here we will post some information about the season ahead and what to expect.

We will use the forum as a way to report any incidents, review standings and also inform the admins that you are away for any of the race weeks.

Reserve drivers - if a full time driver is a way for a particular race we will message you directly on twitter to let you know a space is available to race that week. Normally 24-48hrs before the race but it could be last minute at times!

Each race week we will have a race thread on the forum where you can see updated penalties, lobby host, standings and who is commentating etc. If you cant make the race you do post on these threads. If you dont post ( no later then 3 hours before) it will count as a unauthorised absence and go against your name. 2 of these in a row and we are entitled to revoke your seat.

ILR7 Tier Info

Time - Thursdays 6.30pm BST ( Lobby Invites sent at 6.20pm)

Lobby host - Jacko10509 & back up host -JackG2207 ( Please ensure all drivers have added us on PSN before the first race).

Commentator - OwenWyatt13

The first race of the season is Australia - 11th April, and we finish in Brazil on the 20th June. Calendar below -


We have decided on a 11 race calendar due to driver interest and retention in the game. 11 races is shorter, but should be more intense and exciting. It will start in Australia and finish in Brazil.

Driver Standings can be found here -

Stewards thread ( to report incidents post race) -

Below is the driver rankings and the cars you will be in for the season ahead -
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