ILRF1 PC Christmas Cup Championship - SIGN UPS OPEN


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Aug 4, 2018
Hey guys!

On the Tuesday 10th December we will be hosting our annual Christmas Sprint Cup on PC!

Invites sent at 7.50pm GMT
Host - Shadow (Jake)

Christmas Sprint Cup

Qualifying - Random Grid
6 tracks x 5 laps (Tracks - 1 street, 1 historic, 1 new and 3 randomly selected)
Damage - Reduced
Strict CC
Equal Performance F1 2019 cars
Dynamic weather

and to finish..
Our famous race to 10th around Monaco - 3 lap race, no rules,winner of the race is whoever finishes 10th. Fun and great way to end the night and also the year!

To sign up please post the following (reserves are allowed to race too) -

Twitter name -

Steam ID -