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Aug 4, 2018
Here are the PROVISIONAL / FIRST DRAFT of top 4 nominations for each catergory and the reason they have been shortlisted.

Please note** while this does go to a public vote, ILR admins have a final 30% additional vote to add after the public vote.So unless its a very one sided vote of 70% or more to one driver then it will be still unknown until awards night.

ILR Driver of the Year
  • VSR_Louis - Season 3 ILR1 F1 2017 Champion - Dominating display and one of the quickest we have seen on f1 2017.
  • Matt Tibos - for consistenly quick performances against great opposition, race after race.
  • Its-me123 - Callum for winning the ILR2 Season 2 title in March. Then having a strong first season clinching top 6 in ILR1. He also competed in ILRGT and IndyILR
  • VRTCliffy - Tony had a very solid Season 3 securing top 5 and once again proving his talent in ILR1, with already 2 race wins, great drivers through the field and finds himself in the title hunt for season 4.
ILR Rookie of the Year ( first season league racing)
  • Andre (MrCosta) - Joined ILR in his first year of racing and competed for the ILR2 title, came onto the scene slowly but showed his pace later on.
  • Kick Godemans (Goody2k) - Became ILR3 champion in his first year of racing and doing great in ILR2.
  • smudge222mx - ILR6 driver never league raced, but after a couple of races is now winning and in contention for the ILR6 title.
  • Joe_C_Nufc - First season in league racing, was meant to be mid table in ILR5, has practiced and worked hard. Now promoted from ILR5 and now is a top runner in ILR4 already in 9 races.
ILR Drive of the Year ( who had the best race? 20th to 1st?)
  • Tony ( VRT_Cliffy) - 16th to 1st in Monaco, ILR1 season 4. What a drive it was, its not easy to overtake in monaco but this was something special!
  • Jack ( jasg2207) - 15th to 1st in Australia in dry to wet conditions.By staying out long & waiting for the rain to come, the gamble paid off.Season 3 - ILR3.
  • Paul McG ( PaulMcG92) - 14th to 2nd in ILR2 Season 3. In inter to wet conditions Paul masters the wet to take 2 cars on the last lap for P2.
  • Chill Drive - ILR4 , Season 4 Bahrain. Chill Drive started P20 and won the race!
ILR Overtake of the Year (Does this need explaining?)
  • Wais Kuba - Around the outside of Murdock in ILR4 Monaco at Massenet . Link -
  • Sam Alderson (Flexy)- bloody good overtake at Monaco. Link -
  • Likke_Blocks - Silverstone. Dead tyres wing damage ran wide at copse got overtook by Matt and almost cliffy and I went into maggots and beckets and went round the outside of Matt whilst defending from Cliffy. Link -
    (30mins 30 secs in)
  • tough2handle - Double overtake with only 2 laps to go in the Chinese GP - ILR3, Season 4. Link -
    (15.45 Seconds in)

Disasterclass of the Year ( who had the biggest disaster on or off track?)
  • Wais - losing the lead during ILR4 Silverstone Season 3 due to his controller running out of battery.
  • Paga - getting a puncture on the last lap of Brazil GP last season ILR2, in turn losing the title.
  • MKBorn - Maik DNFs from the lead of the race with in the tunnel with only 2 laps to go - Monaco ILR5, Season 4.
  • VSR_Louis - His title defence has not exactly gone to plan on F1 2018, season 4.
ILR Personality of the Year (could make you laugh, funny in group chats, social media or all round nice guy)
  • Paul McGuiness (PaulMcG92) - Loves a viral video - Teresa May, Thomas Tank Theme song over F1 intro, and great fun in the chats.
  • Jamie Mubata (King_MJJ) - Racing passion and dry sense of humour around race day makes for entertaining reading on social media (eg saying someone had the IQ of a construction cone).
  • Soupcooler - Meme generator and all round postive good guy within ILR and in group chats ( ILR Commentator)
  • Wais Kuba (Disasterclass races, banter on social media with other drivers and WTF1 claim to fame)
ILR Most Improved Driver of the Year (Maybe 2017 or last season wasnt the best?)
  • Daniel (danscar1302 ) - From getting lapped twice in Australia in ILR4 to next season competing for a title and winning races.
  • Tom ( LMC_HamiltonF1) - from being a midfield ILR2 driver at best to winning the ILR2 title in the same season. Now in ILR1.
  • King_MJJ (Jamie) - Finally finds himself after 3 seasons in a title battle. Consistent podiums and always finishes in the points.
  • mrstim96 - DNF 75% of the races in ILR3 during season 3 on F1 2017. Now in ILR4 he has bagged podiums and regular top 5 finishes while learning no assists with only 1 DNF to his name.
ILR Honourable Mention ( standout work on or off track ) award decided by ILR admins solely **
  • Owen Wyatt (Owenwyatt13) - For being enthusastic and making the time to commentate and race in ILR. He has even picked up 2 commentary roles this season.
  • Scott (xforsetix13 ) - PS4 admin, keeping the forum and race threads up to date, steward enquires and ILR2 admin. Race Reports too.
  • Andy (GingerAndy96) - creating hotlap videos in his own time, commentator both Xbox and PS4 ILR1 tiers
  • ILRjacko (jacko10509) - ILR6 head admin and assisting with steward inqueries. Helps with high level ideas and queries. Also help promote ILR in the karting event earlier this year with WTF1.
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