ILRF1 PS4 End of Year Awards - Nominations Closed

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Aug 13, 2018
ILR Overtake of the year:
Me (W415IS77)
Around the outside of Murdock in ILR4 Monaco at Massenet

ILR Disasterclass of the year:
Me (W415IS77)
ILR4 Silverstone final lap, lost the win 😭😭
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Oct 3, 2018
What award - rookie of the year
Driver - smudge222mx
Reason - never done a league race before Bahrain and currently battling for the championship


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Aug 4, 2018
ILR Overtake(s) of the Year
My race winning over take at Britain S3: seen on ILR stream from 40:33
Overtaking Oogie at wet on Malaysia GP S3: seen on ILR stream from 18:22
Both commentated by Andy :)
can you give me the links mate?


ILR1 PS4 Coordinator
Aug 13, 2018
ILR Driver of the Year - Louisw03. Winning the title with one of the most competitive grids out there! Hats off to the guy.

ILR Rookie of the Year (first season league racing) - Smudge. I don’t know if it’s his first season here but he’s had the pace this season.

ILR Drive of the Year ( who had the best race? 20th to 1st?) - Myself (Cliffy) for my Monaco race. 16th - 1st and being dubbed the greatest race in ilr history. ;)

ILR Overtake of the Year (Does this need explaining?) Brazil Double overtake at turn 1 on Brady and it’s me. 30.35)

ILR Disasterclass of the Year (who had the biggest disaster on or off track?) Louisw03 for his abysmal defense of his title this season.

ILR Personality of the Year (could make you laugh, funny in group chats, social media or all round nice guy) Surely has to be Paul. Guys a joker and just an all round nice guy.

ILR Most Improved Driver of the Year (Maybe 2017 or last season wasnt the best?) Jume. He went from retiring every race to getting podiums and fighting for the title this season.

ILR Honourable Mention ( standout work on or off track ) award decided by ILR admins solely. As an admin the mention should go to jack for creating this league and making it what it is today. Without him we all wouldn’t be in this big massive community.


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Aug 13, 2018
ILR Driver of the Year - Rinke Morse ILR4 Season 3 Drivers Champions
ILR Rookie of the Year - Danscar, really improved towards the end of ILR4 season 3
ILR Drive of the Year - ILR4 Season 4 Canada Mr Stim from 19th on the grid and finishing 3rd
ILR Overtake of the Year - Wais on Murdock in Monaco ILR4 season 3
ILR Personality of the Year - Evr_Matter or Paul McGinnes. Two brilliant guys who took to the ILR4 Comms box in season 3 and made my season.
ILR Most Improved Driver of the Year - Although the DNFs say otherwose I would say me TGIPeter, my racing and pace has improved drastically since Season 3
ILR Honourable Mention - Our ILR Creator Jack Gooding, the amount effort and time he has put into this league has been outstanding and this league wouldn't be here and growing without him

Paul McGinnes

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Aug 13, 2018
East Kilbride, Scotland
ILR Driver of the year: Matt Tibos - he has been incredible in ILR1 after being promoted from ILR2.
ILR Rookie of the year: Danscar - after a steady start in ILR4, he has been showing great speed and racecraft.
ILR Drive of the year: Cliffy - from P16 to P1 at Monaco of all places, an outstanding performance.
ILR Overtake of the year: Wais - around the outside of Murdock at Monaco, in the pouring rain. Brilliant stuff, even F1 game liked it on Twitter!
ILR Disasterclass of the year: Wais - at Silverstone. Remember and charge your controller next time bud! :ROFLMAO:
ILR Personality of the year: Paul di Resta, aka EFC Matthew... a great lad, who always knows how to cheer you up. We're needing an ILR-pad for him next season!
ILR Most Improved Driver of the year: Tom, aka Wommeh. His title winning ILR2 season was impressive, after struggling the season previous.
ILR Honourable Mention: Personally, I'd like to give Jack Gooding a massive shout out. This league wouldn't be as great as it is without you at the reigns. You do an incredible job and never get enough credit for it. If it wasn't for ILR, I wouldn't know half of the people I know, whom I now call friends. ILR isn't just a racing league, it's a community... so again, thank you. Now, I gotta stop, 'cause I've got a lump in my throat.


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Aug 5, 2018
Driver - ItsMe12321

Rookie - Danscar( assuming he's a rookie)

Drive of the year - My P14 to P1 victory in Australia ILR2 S3

Overtake - Wais Monaco S3

Disasterclass - Paga Brazil ILR2 Season 3

Personality of the Year - Jamie (mostly for his hilarious banter ( saying someone had the IQ of a construction cone for example)

Most Improved - Jamie - having a great season.

Honorable mention - Yeah has to be Jack puts in an extraordinary amount of effort to make this what it is
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Aug 13, 2018
What award - Rookie of the year
Driver - Joe_C_Nufc
Reason for it ? Promoted after 4 races and 2 wins in ILR 5, have qualified 1st 2nd and 3rd in ILR 4
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