ILRF1 Season 4 Important Driver Information & Reminders


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Aug 4, 2018
Hey Guys.

As season 4 is approaching on F1 2018 I think its probably the best time to remind you all and check in with some details some of you might of forgotten since sign up.

We have now moved to this beautiful new forum which will be the data hub for race standings, statistics, stewards queries and driver sign ups as I am sure most of you are aware of.

But aside from that i think its important for you all to know the structure of ILR league racing and how we expect you to conduct yourselves and the best ways to interact and get in touch with us for each race week.

League rules -

Reminder that all drivers are expected to have read this under no circumstances.
This covers how to report incidents, behave on social media and towards your fellow competitors. By signing up to the league you agreed to these rules and will be in full force come lights out in Melbourne.

If you cannot make a race you have to take the action yourself to let the tier admins know for each tier via the forum. This is done via the forum under each tier thread, here is an example where you would post you cannot race, each race week we will have a new Round thread for that race. -

If there is 3 AWOL races in a row you will be blacklisted from the league. Failure to complete any of the 5 races if your a full time driver will mean you get switched out for a reserve too. Remember this! We have grown so quickly the last 15 months and so we cant keep in touch to remind all of you each race week. We put a lot of time into making these f1 leagues happen, please ensure you help us too.

Reporting incidents

This can be done here for PS4 Drivers for Australia -

Xbox Drivers here for Australia -

To officially report an incident it must be done via the forum, with all the correct information given. Failing to provide all information mean it will not be looked at. If you want us to take incidents seriously we expect them to be formally done.

Failing to provide footage to the stewards when asked for is a automatic 10 second time pen for next race. All drivers have to record their POV at all times during the race.

Link to the driver standings can be found under each tier thread, but here is an example of the ILR1 -

If you do have any questions then please do get in touch with me on twitter or via the ILR account too. I am on the forum most days too. Happy to help anyone of our drivers.

Anyway, I think I have covered everything that's important going forward to the new season. Most importantly I want you all to have fun and enjoy league racing, be it your 15 season or your first ever competitive race next week. Remember to respect each other on and off track and the stewards and im sure it will be a fantastic season.

Its worth noting too if you are too slow or quick for the tier you are in for the start of the season, I am always open to try and shuffle things around the first 3 races or so. I want drivers to enjoy themselves at the right level!



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