ILRF1 Season 6 - PS4 Sunday Tiers Statement (ILR1,ILR2,ILR3)

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Aug 4, 2018
To All,

In recent months it’s been a uphill struggle to retain motivation and desire to a daily basis to keep up our high work levels of admin on and off track for the PS4 Tiers. While the Thursday tiers have been successful and attendance unrivalled anywhere else, Sunday tiers (especially ILR1), has been a thorn in our side. This is numerous factors including, poor attendance, lack of commitment, effort, practice quite evident on track. But also, constant dropouts, arguments, trolling on social media. It’s just not what I created the league for, this season so far, it’s not felt like the ILR we created. We are taking it back.

Before I go off ranting, I do have to give honourable mentions to some drivers across the tiers. ILR2 and ILR3 have seen some amazing races to the line, and the title battles truly hotting up, Its you guys I feel sorry for the most and make this decision tough but I have to take my personal life, my fulltime job as a geologist, admins personal time and wellbeing into account given the amount of work we have to do just to be let down on a weekly basis by others. We don't expect drivers to be saints, but we are seeing growing issues through other leagues as well (after chatting with Nick from OneHub and Connor from PSGL) , A sense of entitlement, narcissistic behaviours which brings toxicity with it. Ive league raced for many years, its not hard to race clean and fair, some chose not to its quite simple. I will be working with other league admins to clamp down on the same drivers causing issues in multiple leagues.

Over the last 2-3 weeks driving has deteriorated, showing a clear lack of respect for the league, myself and most importantly other drivers in the league. Having 11/12 finishes across our 2 top tiers isn’t good enough. Over the last 10 days we have had 16 people drop out and just not enough replacements to fulfil all our top tiers. Given turnover is so high we don’t think this is sustainable and fair ask of the admins to recruit nonstop while running the leagues. Admin workload with the league growing so rapidly has put a lot of strain on myself and Scott which isn’t sustainable, we believe concentrating all races to 1 day will help manage stewarding, standings and recruitment. We have regularly reached out to drivers across all PS4 tiers for assistance in stewarding, hosting, admin work but rarely if any get any positive feedback from drivers. Its been hard enough to find just a lobby host for some tiers. Given so many drivers enjoy the league we would love to see them invest some time into the league.

I hope you understand our decision, its not been easy to make and made me feel crap doing it, as it goes against my nature. But I think for the sake of league and longevity it was the right thing to do. If you have any questions please message me on the forum or on twitter.

With this in mind we have decided with the following actions affective immediately;

ILR1, ILR2,ILR3 Season 6 has officially come to an end. Round 10 Britain was the final race of the season. Constructors and drivers titles are finalised.

ILR will no longer be running F1 PS4 Tiers on Sunday, due to poor attendances, high driver turnover and excessive admin workload.

Congratulations to the following Season 6 Sunday Tier Champions -

Drivers - VSR_Wayne
Constructors - Alfa Romeo - VSR_Wayne & Raffa

Drivers - Matt_Tibos
Constructors - Mercedes - Matt_Tibos & ScubaMUFC

Drivers - PagagaaienNeus21
Constructors - Renault - SpAgEgTi-ChIpS & nwbb999

We will be adding a extra tier on Thursdays 8pm (NEW ILR1). If demand is there we will be adding a second tier at 8pm same day (ILR2).

There will be a new tier on Thursdays is available for all drivers across the current sunday tiers, and you're all eligble to apply. We will be looking at your attendance, on track racing and loyalty to the league as factors into this. As a result the tier will be allowing Medium TC, ABS and RL to match with ILR3. We are going back to our roots and what we did well. Its shame its not worked out but, believe me for ILR and myself to keep going this needed to happen.

The new tier on Thursday will be starting from Round 11 Germany -this week (if we have the numbers), if not Round 12 Hungary. It will be a 11/10 race calendar season. All drivers will start on 0 points and be assigned constructors and teammates by myself.

If you want to sign up for (NEW ILR1) on Thursdays please post the following details-

Twitter @ -

Currrent Sunday Tier -

If you would like to become an admin/steward/lobby host or commentator please also comment with your sign up :)

Once you have signed up please leave the current twitter group chat you are in. If you have not signed up by Thursday morning (17th October) we will presume you no longer want to race in the league. Big thank you to the top lads who have been with us since F1 2016 and apologies to any drivers who cannot make the new midweek races.
Aug 13, 2018
Twitter @ - Cxrey44
PSN - Cxrey44
Currrent Sunday Tier - ILR2
I am also willing to help out with the stewarding side of things:)
Aug 13, 2018
Twitter @ILRT_LikkleF1
Tier I was in: ILR1
Would also like to keep as comms for ILR7 ps4 along with helping with the lobby hosts like I did for Season 6 for ILR1 and ILR7.
Jul 9, 2019
Twitter @ - i don't currently have one as I deactivated my account for personal reasons. if necessary let me know and I'll reactivate so I can be in the group chat
PSN - Lakitu886
Currrent Sunday Tier - ILR1
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