ILRGT Season 3 - Round 4 - Dragon Trail Gardens (Race Report)


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Aug 5, 2018

ILRGT Season 3 R4 – Dragon Trail Gardens


Event: Dragon Trail Gardens (Round 4 of 10)
Date: Wednesday, September, 5, 2018
Location: Croatia
Layout: 4.352 kilometres (2.704mi), 14 Turn Track, Tarmac
Weather: Sunny

Pole Position: jamie-995

Podium Finishers

1st - jamie-995 of Aperture Team Nismo #1

2nd – michaeldavis93 of TITWNK Racing

3rd – itzFrisky_Cj of of VRT eRacing

Fastest Lap: 1.20.653 - jamie-995

Round 4 or the ILRGT season from the Dragon Trail Gardens saw another dominating performance from championship leader jamie-995 and an incredible battle for P2 involving 6 drivers.

As the race got under way Yorkshire Tea Racing driver redjams22 managed to jump jamie-995 to take the lead but jamie-995 was back in front at the tricky turn 2 chicane. Further down the field a few drivers struggled to get off the line at all and we lost xUndefined at the start.

Dnajoh was the second driver to DNF shortly afterwards when he had a crash and that ended his race.

Jamie-995 again began to build a lead out in 1st while ItzFrisky_Cj managed to grab 2nd from redjams22 in the early stages. MrCosta96 and michaeldavis93 had a battle for P4 with Its-me12321 and from 2nd to 6th were running in very close succession with a lot of position changes.

Redjams22 was battling hard to get back in front of ItzFrisky-Cj but ended up making a couple of mistakes which pushed him down to P4 on lap 10. The 5 way battle for P2 continued till the first round of pit stops.

ItzFrisky-Cj and redjams22 continued to battle for 2nd after the first stops with MrCosta96 dropping down to 6th. Whilst attempting to battle back up the order MrCosta96 ended up making a mistake on lap 17 just scraping the barrier at turn 3.


Lap 20 saw a near identical mistake from redjams22 which handed P3 to michaeldavis93 and P4 to Its-Me12321 and shortly afterwards MrCosta96's race came to an abrupt end on lap 21.

2nd to 5th positions were running in close order meaning any mistake would be costly and ItzFrisky_Cj made a slight error which pushed him down to P5 at one stage.

Wommeh395 joined the battle after others had the second round of pit stops and had a back and forth battle with redjams22.

michaeldavis93 pushed ahead in P2 and built a gap to his rivals while in the closing laps redjams22 made another mistake costing him an opportunity at the final podium position.

Jamie-995 crossed the line in P1 to take his 4th consecutive win in dominant fashion. michaeldavis93 came home in P2 after a solid result and ItzFrisky-Cj beat Its-Me12321 to take home the final podium position in P3.

Be sure to check out the full highlights of the race here

Round 5 of the ILRGT Championship is the Le Mans Endurance race from the Circuit De Le Sarthe on the 12th September 2018 at 18.45pm UK time. Be sure to tune in on the ILR Youtube Channel to catch all the action
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