ILRGT T1 | Round 4 | Nurburgring | Wednesday 26th June


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Aug 5, 2018

ILRGT - Season 5
Round 4 - Nurburgring GP 🇩🇪

Event Details

Tier: ILRGT1
Track: Nurburgring GP 🇩🇪
Date: 26th June 2019
Time: Lobby open at 6.40pm BST with Race Beginning at 7.00pm BST
Distance: 25 laps
Lobby Host(s): RedMatt__2000

Outstanding Driver Penalties

Current Drivers & Constructors Standings

Incident Reporting

Incidents get reported to our stewards team at the following link:

Driver Attendance

If you are unable to attend this event post below with your:

playstation.png PSN ID
Twitter_2012.png Twitter @ name

Please provide a valid reason for missing this event.

*Note - If there is no comment below then we will assume you can attend.

This thread will close 3hrs before the race begins. Failure to attend without informing us will result in a reprimand.
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