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Aug 13, 2018
Hey guys, my names Jess 😊happy to be a part of ILR, heard a lot of positive things about it. Been league racing since 2013 on the F1 2012 game. Funny how it started. Some guy messaged me asking if I should be out shopping for handbags and shoes instead of playing F1 😂 and then proceeded to ask if I wished to join a league. I did! I wasn’t very competitive, I was always around the back of the field, but I enjoyed the clean racing and the banter I got from the guys.

Im also an ex TGP league racer, was looking at going for my first ever title on F1 2017 when my health took a turn for the worst and missed the rest of the season after Monaco 👎🏻 I had back to back wins and gutted was an understatement. Haven’t league raced (or raced competitivly for almost a year).

I’d like to thank Jack for giving me the opportunity to race as I’m going through some pretty bad depression and need something to lift my spirits. And what other way of doing so than the adrenaline running through your blood because of a tense battle? 😏 no better way. Hope I get to know some of you guys and have some good memories that’ll last a long time! Some of you guys I already know! But those who know, you know who you are, wether that’s from twitter or from TGP. I hope to have some great battles with you guys, I looo forward to the first race.

PSN - ItzJessicaaaaaa
Twitter - @SuperSauberJess

PS, I know someone is gonna ask about the twitter handle, I’m a big sauber fan 🙌🏻
Aug 13, 2018
Hi all, I’m Apex_IceMan, I’ve been racing with ILR for 2 seasons and it’s safe to say it surely hasn’t brought the fun and competitive nature back to formula 1 games for me.

I’m fairly (for my tier) quick over one lap however my race pace is something to surely look to be improved in the upcoming season

My favourite team is Renault and my favourite tracks are Canada, Russia and Monaco
Aug 12, 2018

I’m a Hamilton fan. Most of you now dislike me.

Have a nice time.


GP3 Driver
Aug 13, 2018
My name is Wais, I am not the best racer on the pad but I'm part of the ILR Karting Team where we went to Buckmore last Saturday and finished 19th with Paul and Josh ^_^

I've been part of ILR since the start and since then it's brought my seriousness into league racing even tho i'm still shit.

I race in ILR4, still aiming for the title until I see everyone how they are on the field, my favourite tracks are Silverstone and Spa, my least favourite are Sochi and Shanghai

Twitter: @WaisKuba77
PSN: @W415IS77
Ok ILR5 now 😂
Aug 12, 2018
Hey, I'm Costa, I'm 21 (22 in just a month), I'm portuguese and this is technically my 2nd season in this league! Really been enjoying my stay here but ILR1 will be a pain in the ass this year. But as long as I have fun, that's all it matters!

As for F1, I follow it very closely. My favorite team is McLaren and I don't really like any driver specifically.
For football, basically ever since I was born I'm a Benfica fan and I regularly go to home matches.

Hopefully this will be a good season for everyone :cool:
Okay lets do this! Perhaps the oldest dude in here(31). Veteran as in age but a rookie as league racer. First full season as league racer got P3 in ILR1.
There was almost 10 year break at racing. Then I was playing some 2007 mod on PC before it broke down. Got really back into this when I bought steering wheel back in 2017 september.
Educationally I am a automotive technology engineer.
Really happy that I joined ILR. I don't have many years left into this so now it's time to see if I can compete with the best or be the best.

Twitter: Gonanen_87
Youtube. Gonanen