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Aug 4, 2018
Lobby Times
Friday - 7.15pm UK Time

Race Calendar
Here is the full FIA 2018 race calendar adapted for ILR Racing on F1 2018!

We will be running a full 21 race season. Dates stated below are that of the Thursday PS4 Tiers (first races of the week) - ILR3/4/5/6 . For Xbox drivers just add 1 day on to the date for your Friday tiers!

We will have a week break after Round 6 Monaco for all tiers due to Sunday clash with ILR1/2 PS4 Tiers with real life Brazilian Grand Prix. We want all tiers aligned on same Grand Prixs through the season.

Reporting Incidents
All racing incidents you want to report must now be done on the forum via this link -