New Driver


Dec 31, 2018
Twitter username (@) - MILDENMAN27
Platform (PS4 or Xbox) - PS4
Current Gamertag - MILDENMAN27
Current leagues/tier you race in and current standing - AOR Elite GT3 PS4
Previous experience (include what game, what leagues and how many seasons etc) - F1 2010-2014 project cars 1&2 in all races in about 40 + seasons of racing winning about 10 championships. I placed 3rd in AOR Elite drivers championship last season as well as winning the teams
Previous esports teams (if any) - none
Why do you want to join ILRT? - it’s a challenge as it’s fairly new and I’m the first pc2 driver
What could you bring to the team? - vast experience and speed
What you expect from joining ILRT? - promotion and maybe the odd prize lol
How do you describe yourself on and off track? - on determined but fair always bringing the car home. Off track treat people with the same respect as they treat me