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Oct 8, 2018
How is it a racing incident? You can see clearly I was going straight and he hit me from behind? I mean if I was waving or trying to overtake then I'd agree with you. But I was going straight no turning. Look at my steering wheel, it didn't move.
Nearly 4 wide on hangar straight with the slightest of contact? With the poor netcoding in this game and no irratic driving evident it was not a hard decision to make.


GP3 Driver
Aug 13, 2018
United Kingdom
Tier- ILR 2

Race/Round –Britain

Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @
tR_Button71 @AzR_Button

Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) – I believe bulletproof hit button which caused him to spin however he reversed into me and ruined my race. After desync from lap 1 I was 18th I made it up to P10 within a lap and that happens to me, it’s unlucky as hell! I understand he may have been reversing to get off the RL but still what can I do. Could’ve potentially won this race but with lap 1 desync and this incident it was a nightmare I want to forget.

Aug 13, 2018
Tier- ILR2

Race/Round – Round 10 Britain

Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @: tau_s78 + Bananastime350

Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) – Got blocked by both of them on my flying laps and they were both on outlaps.

Bananastime350 -
tau_s78 -
Aug 12, 2018
Tier- ILR2 PS4

Race/Round – Silverstone/Race 10

Driver(s) involved – MrCosta96 (@CostaSLB aka me) and OnyxMer (@OnyxMer)

Description of the incident – Let me start off by saying my PS4 for some reason did not save my race so all I have is the stream POV. I only got 3 warnings this race and one of them, I had to take actions to avoid a very slow car on the middle of the track. In doing so, I got a warning in lap 7. I will also post screenshots of my race director, showing all laps and warnings (and you can see the warning in lap 7). This might not be enough to remove me the 3 second time penalty but it's worth a shot.

F1® 2018_20181209201158.png
F1® 2018_20181209201204.png

Link of in game POV –


ILR Head Steward

Head Steward
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Oct 8, 2018
Sunday Night Races


Gonanen / VSR_Louis - very poor awareness and driving from Gonanen which caused an avoidable accident. 10 second time penalty will be added on to Germany R11 final race time. First time incident this season otherwise penalty would of been worse.

Francis / CCBrain - CCBrain was pushed out wide due to a lack of space at the start of the race, this caused him to lock up and lose traction while in the braking zone. Unfortunately that mean't he collided with the Williams driver Francis. Reprimand to CCBrain for being more careful on track.

Francis - warning about dangerous return to track with a damage car. Twice during lap 1 you extend track limits and come back onto RL full speed with cars in the vicinity

To numerous drivers - DO NOT GO AI AT ANY POINT. During qualifying drivers are meant to know the rules that you DO NOT retire out on track as this causes a unghosted car to drive round the track. We will be enforcing this from Germany onwards with qualifying bans. Retire in pitlane at ALL TIMES. Do not go AI during formation, during qualifying or a SC.


ILR_Shadow / tR_Button - Shadow a passenger here, a better reaction could of slowed and went round but that again is trying to read the mind of the driver who is stationary. Button cant do anything here and really the game should ghost his car which had a desync crash. Racing Incident.

zR_MeRcEDes - Qualifying incidents - Tau - Tricky part of the track for Tau to get out of his way. He should of checked on his mini map but the corners come up very quickly with only one real line to take. Warning to Tau about awareness, any further issues and we will issue qualifying bans if it keeps affecting drivers.
Bananastime350 - He did well to get off racing line, but was a tad late. We dont believe it affected your speed but appreciate it can be very off putting. Warning to Bananastime350 to improve awareness but dont believe any time was lost.

MrCosta - Track extended on start finish line to overtake a car, we dont believe the car was going dangerously slow enough to warrant that extension of the track. Coupled with unable to provide POV footage we wont be unable to remove your penalty.

Aleskiller - warning on driving standards and wheel to wheel racing. Never make contact with another car and always give them a car width space. Some of your driving in Britain could lead to big accidents in the future. Onyxmer and Bulletproof incidents. Reprimand.

Bulletproof. tR_Button - Desync crash. Contact was not made between the cars but Buttons car appeared to have made contact. We would suggest not going so close to the rear of another car due to the in game issues.

Corey - DNF on purpose. Qualifying ban for R11 Germany

Bulletproof - DNF on track when car is in working order. Final warning on this. Occurs again - qualifying ban.
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