Round 12 | Hungarian Grand Prix | Thursday 3rd January

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Aug 5, 2018
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Track – Hungary 🇭🇺

Thursday 3rd January
Lobby open at 6.20pm UK Time

Lobby host – King_MJJ

Reporting Incidents
All racing incidents you want to report must now be done on the forum via this link -

Rules Reminder -

Driver Penalty Reminders -
ApexIceman -
Driving under review after dangerous incident at Germany hairpin. Any futher incidents will result in stronger penalties
Wais - 10 second time pen added to final time. Driving also under review and any further incidents will be qualifying bans.

Desync/Netcode issues - Drivers please be aware the game is not in the greatest place right now. Make sure to not get too close to another car when in the slipstream. Try and avoid contact as best as you can too, the slightest of taps can lead to big accidents due to the game desync.

Going AI/ Ghosting - DO NOT DO THIS. At any point on track do you retire or press options button for menu. Your car does not ghost. This includes during qualifying, Formation lap, VSC and SC. Do not do this. If you do want to retire in the race or during qualifying drive car back to pits and retire. Anyone guilty of this going forward will recieve a instant Qualifying ban. This can lead to crashes and blocking drivers during qualifying.

Please comment below for the following -

Please post if you cannot race ( including reserve drivers) reserve drivers are expected to be call upon for every race if required.
PSN & Twitter name required.

Any issues or problems ahead of this GP post below too.

Race will be live streamed on our channel with commentators: OwenWyatt

Current Standings -
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Aug 13, 2018
Can’t make Thursdays race as I am in Liverpool for the match, apologies.
Apex_IceMan1 + Speed_IceMan
Aug 14, 2018
I'm stuck in work I can't race today I'm sorry
LITTLEPIECE @jcorreia420
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