Round 15 | Singapore Grand Prix | Friday 22nd November


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Aug 5, 2018

Inside Line Racing - Season 6
ILR3 - Round 15 - Singapore 🇸🇬

Event Details

Platform: Xbox One
Track: Marina Bay Street Circuit
Date: 22nd November 2019
Time: 7.30pm BST
Distance: 50% (31 laps)
Lobby Host(s): ILRT_Steerage

Commentator(s): @ILRT_Steerage & @JessGames95

(Standard ILR Rules apply for this event)

Outstanding Driver Penalties

Current Drivers & Constructors Standings

The current driver and constructor standings for ILR3 can be found here

Incident Reporting

Incidents get reported to our stewards team in the Xbox One stewards room.

Please make sure to post any incidents using the guidelines stated here in order for stewards to review your incidents.

Remember for any penalties to be removed we require the Race Director footage to also be recorded.

Live Stream

ILR3 Races will be streamed live on our Youtube Channel

Driver Attendance

If you are unable to attend this event post below with your:

xbox_360new.png Xbox Gamertag
Twitter_2012.png Twitter @ name

A valid reason for missing this event.

*Note - If there is no comment below then we will assume you can attend.

This thread will close 3hrs before the race begins. Failure to attend without informing us will result in a reprimand.
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Apr 5, 2019
Hey, @AOR EditedFaun . Just needed to post something without it being lost in the twitter messages, hopefully a few others come on to read this. I cannot put into words how unlucky I have been this season. The numerous podiums and wins I have lost out on thanks to issues with my wheel or the stand has just become too much. I hadn't touched the game since Hungary. Came on today and changed back to the original rim on my wheel which fixed my upshifting issue. Great. Managed a little bit of practice but was basically driving a new game with a new wheel. Go in the the lobby, no engine sound. Fabulous. Here we go again. Race time, got up to pace really quickly, Singapore is my favorite track. Got myself into a good position, on a good strategy.No warnings let alone penalties. Reckon a 3rd or 4th was on the cards. What could possibly go wrong. Yep. Another wheel issue. Same as my last Thrustmaster. The thing just has a fit, won't let me input any buttons. Keeps pausing the game. Keeps bringing up Xbox home. I love league racing, especially here. But I can't afford to keep replacing wheels that break after 2 months. I'll have to have a think over the next few days. I've just hit a wall with the constant bad luck.
Appreciate your post @II OASIS I its such a shame your have these mechanical issues as your doing so well in the league, you are a valued member of ILR3 and want to thank you for your continued support within this tier. Keep me posted on your progress and hope you can sort these problems out 👍🏽