Round 15 | Singapore Grand Prix | Thursday 21st November

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Aug 5, 2018

Inside Line Racing - Season 6
ILR8 - Round 15 - Singapore 🇸🇬

Event Details

Platform: PS4
Track: Marina Bay Street Circuit
Date: 21st November 2019
Time: 6.30pm GMT
Distance: 50% (31 laps)
Lobby Host(s): Jacko10509

Commentator(s): @OwenWyatt173

(Standard ILR Rules apply for this event)

Outstanding Driver Penalties

Ferryelias - Under Review

Current Drivers & Constructors Standings

The current driver and constructor standings for ILR8 can be found here

Incident Reporting

Incidents get reported to our stewards team in the PS4 stewards room.

Please make sure to post any incidents using the guidelines stated here in order for stewards to review your incidents.

Remember for any penalties to be removed we require the Race Director footage to also be recorded.

Live Stream

ILR8 Races will be streamed live on our Youtube Channel

Driver Attendance

If you are unable to attend this event post below with your:

playstation.png PSN ID
Twitter_2012.png Twitter @ name

A valid reason for missing this event.

*Note - If there is no comment below then we will assume you can attend.

This thread will close 3hrs before the race begins. Failure to attend without informing us will result in a reprimand.[/B
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Jul 4, 2019
Hey Guys,

Regrettably I am going to have to give up my seat in this championship. Work is too busy and I just don't have enough time to practice the game .. although I can make the races work - I cant compete at all and I become a liability out there due to a lack of practice ..

I hope that I can hang around on here and join up during next season or sometime in F1 2020 when I'm not working so much overtime.

Thanks for all the fun times!

Goodluck to you all, especially Jess and Jacko :cool:
Aug 13, 2018
Feeling awful this week, especially today. Therefore, I am going to rest up tonight and not race. :( Gutted, really I am :( Keeping my fingers crossed for Jon, Jacko and Bazza tonight and hoping they get good results. ;)

PSN: JessGamer95
Twitter: JessGames95
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