Round 4 | Azerbaijan GP | Friday 23rd August


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Aug 5, 2018

Inside Line Racing - Season 6
ILR3 - Round 4 - Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

Event Details

Platform: Xbox One
Track: Baku City Circuit
Date: 23rd August 2019
Time: 7.30pm BST
Distance: 50% (26 laps)
Lobby Host(s): ILRT_Steerage

Commentator(s): @JackRyeng & @JessGames95

(Standard ILR Rules apply for this event)

Outstanding Driver Penalties

Current Drivers & Constructors Standings

The current driver and constructor standings for ILR3 can be found here

Incident Reporting

Incidents get reported to our stewards team in the Xbox One stewards room.

Please make sure to post any incidents using the guidelines stated here in order for stewards to review your incidents.

Remember for any penalties to be removed we require the Race Director footage to also be recorded.

Live Stream

ILR3 Races will be streamed live on our Youtube Channel

Driver Attendance

If you are unable to attend this event post below with your:

xbox_360new.png Xbox Gamertag
Twitter_2012.png Twitter @ name

A valid reason for missing this event.

*Note - If there is no comment below then we will assume you can attend.

This thread will close 3hrs before the race begins. Failure to attend without informing us will result in a reprimand.
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Really enjoyed this race, and hopefully something to build on.

What a nightmare? Left the final run to late in the session and got put of and held up by to many people leaving it late also, one of those things and won’t leave it so late next time. Start P17

Had a great start jumped from 17 to 14 in first corners. Started picking cars of and got to P6 by the end of my first stint. No mistakes up until lap 14 (P7 at the time) dropped to P11, which was disappointing. Had a great first stint and hopefully this will carry through to Spain


Oct 2, 2018
Race went to shizer

Ok lap put me P2 out of all medium runners by 0.001

Was catching for the lead then gave myself terrible wing damage but was able to catch back up to rale 3rd but another incident stopped me from being able to win the race.
Jul 9, 2019
Race and qually summary.
Unfortunately qually didn't go great for me, was 6 tenths of my pb but still managed to qualify ninth on a 1:40.8 so not to bad.
In the race originally got a great get away but was way to cautious into t1 so dropped back down to ninth after a short but intense battle with oasis.
After that was keeping up with the rest of the pack till I picked up minor front wing damage on the exit of turn 3 so the started to gradually drop back but had a decent gap behind me.
Getting towards the pit stop phase I decided to stay out for an overvut as my lap times where still consistent though not great, pitting on lap 12. When I came out of the pits was in p4 though daz and jack where close behind and catching.
Onto the next phase I picked up my pace a bit and was pulling away but in hindsight I used up to much ERS meaning I almost a lot of pace was down to a maximum of 20%for most of my hard compound stint which led to jack, daz and streak catching me respectively.
Once jack caught me he breezed past on the main straight and unfortunately into t1 I nudged the back of his car expecting him to be faster though I believe it wasn't malicious at all, again picked up minor damage.
Then streakgamer and daz caught me, seeing as we where going three wide into t1 I backed out early and then streak hit daz, allowing me to get back through for p4.
However it didn't end there as the two leaders had a scrap into t7, with oasis coming off worse and allowed me to get through for p3, however it didn't end there as streak was all over me and again got through into t1 just before the end of the race.
In conclusion a great race for me with my best result so far with very intense lap time battles and hard but fair race craft with truly enjoyable battles, looking forward to what I can do at Spain.
Jul 9, 2019
Poor form continues...
I did a banker lap on the hards and felt quite good going into my medium run. Then I messed up the first lap hitting my wing into the castle section and pulled out of the way of my faster teammate on the second.
The race was even more of a shambles. Had an okay start, I felt like I had more pace than the guys around me even though I was on a harder compound, but then I crashed. Then crashed another 3 times after that eventually reaching my violent demise at the wall of turn 5. Expect a return of form at Spain 👀