Round 4 | Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Oval) | Monday 15th April


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Aug 5, 2018
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IndyILR - Season 3 - Round 4

Track – Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Oval) - 75 laps (2 Formation Laps)

Monday 15th April
Lobby open at 6.50pm UK Time GMT (Lobby starts at 7pm UK time BST)

Lobby Hosts


Back up host -

Standings -

Reporting Incidents
All racing incidents you want to report must now be done on the forum via this link -

Rules Reminder -

Driver Penalty Reminders -

Please comment below for the following -

Please post if you cannot race ( including reserve drivers) reserve drivers are expected to be call upon for every race if required.
PSN & Twitter name required with a reason.

*Note - If there is no comment below then we will assume you can attend.

Any issues or problems ahead of this GP post below too.

*** Remember to select the oval cars and not track car. Also please remember to appear online. Oval racing is a lot more difficult to coordinate and as we know can lead to crashes. It’s very very very important we abide by these rules at race start - For oval races, drivers must abide by these rules in the first 2 LAPS of the race - Be in single file to ensure no accidents. Drivers must remain in position they qualified in with a car length space at minimum to the car in front. Drivers must average 100 mph during this time. ( not exceed 105 mph and not below 95 mph) - 160 KPH No overtaking is allowed til after you crossed the line. But bare in mind you should not be in the cars gear box at that point anyway. Anyone not abiding by these rules will Be DSQ from the race results. Period. This is theoretically 2 formation laps. The race will technically begin on lap 3 of 100. Also please be aware you can be DSQ for entering the pitlane too quickly. Slow to 37mph before the pit line.

Race Settings -

Qualifying - 15 minutes

75 Laps

Rolling Start

Mandatory pit stop(s)

Weather slots - 2 Allocated on race day - Dry fixed to Oval tracks.

Damage - Mechanical only

Flags & Penalties - ON

Tyre wear - Scaled to race

Fuel usage - Realistic

Assists - Allowed

Setups - Default for Oval
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