Round 8 | French Grand Prix | Thursday 22nd November


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Aug 5, 2018
Upcoming League Race



Track – France 🇫🇷

Thursday 22nd November
Lobby open at 7.50pm UK Time

Lobby host - PaulMcG92

Reporting Incidents
All racing incidents you want to report must now be done on the forum via this link -

Rules Reminder -

Driver Penalty Reminders -
Maged Shoman - Qualifying Ban - race craft will be reviewed next 3 races.
LMC_Vettel - x2 qualifying bans for continuously being involved incidents and generally poor race craft. Seat under review.
LihamRobbo - Qualifying Ban

Please comment below for the following -

Please post if you cannot race ( including reserve drivers) reserve drivers are expected to be call upon for every race if required.
PSN & Twitter name required.

Any issues or problems ahead of this GP post below too.

Race will be live streamed on our channel with commentators: Alex Lillyart

Current Standings -
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