PS4 Season 4 (GR4) - Round 4 - Fuji

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ILR Head Steward

Head Steward
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Oct 8, 2018
Incidents must be reported with 18 hrs of the race finishing (1pm UK Time next day) - it is this time to ensure we are ready for ILRF1 Tiers at 6pm next day.

To report you must do the following for it to be officially recognised by the steward team, failing to do so will mean it will not be looked at as the steward team need to be given correct information at the time of the investigation;

Tier (ILRGT1 or ILRGT2) -

Race/Round –

Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @

Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) –

Link of in game POV (link has to be available on Youtube or Twitter and must not be taken down until the investigation is over) Mobile devices used for filming or using race broadcast as proof won’t be accepted. Footage provided must be on incident only and not a full race POV, this time consuming for stewards.

Above is the template all drivers must you when submitting an incident, if the incident is to remove a penalty or any other miscellaneous then we appreciate that there might not be drivers involved.

Failing to provide the information stated will mean your incident will not be looked at.


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Aug 4, 2018
ILRGT Tier 2
Incident 1 - Maged_Shoman and myself jasg2207
Description - Driver makes contact with car in front at T3 he runs wide then dangerous return to track and RL track unaware of me behind (perhaps). I then have to check my brakes and make contact with him, he then procedures to move across in braking zone following corner.Granted was not much as a result, but could of been alot worse and clear disregards to return to track safely.

Incident 2 - Renegade T1/Lap1 - Missing braking point and makes contact with 4/5 cars. Dangerous and negligent driving. Not the first time he has 'outbraked himself' into T1 and doesn't seem to be learning.
Dec 18, 2018

Race/Round – Fuji (r4)

Driver(s) involved – QVR_FCGameboys , Rinke_Mouris, jasg2207, EVR_Matt, Myself ( renegade0147 )

late dive up the inside, hits me, then i got into Rinke_Mouris, then I get hit again from QVR, after that EVR_Matt goes into the back of me and think then end up spinning around, with jasg2207 then hitting into Matt.

Rinke drops from 8th going into the corner to 11th

I drop from 10th to last, being around 7 seconds behind 13th place at the time, and pretty much ruins my race.

POV 1 : My Bonnet View ( My Race View )

POV 2 : jasg2207 ( Chase ) gives most detail
Aug 13, 2018
The Netherlands
Just replying on Renegade. Literally a millisecond later with braking than evr_matt3r who's driving next to me and he's actually quite early with braking as you see there's loads of space between all his front runners all the time. I go for the inside and still think I can easily make it then see a random renegade going for a move on Rinke with a total other driving line. Without that would've easily made the corner, just people were using so many different lines on this track that in this case I couldn't go anywhere anymore in such a small time frame. I had a more straight line in this corner combo others were probably more thinking of going in wide this one to get out in the corner combo quicker I guess, that's also why there's at this exact point a real difference in direction and speed (as it wasn't a divebomb would've easily held it to the right in my lining system). Just directly after the touch I also leave a lot of space and don't really go on throttle for some seconds to let everybody pass again of whom I thought I possibly influenced the race (before corner 12th and after it also again). (just on a side note I don't even get points so is this an attempt to tag as many people and hope or?)


ILR Head Steward

Head Steward
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Oct 8, 2018
Tier 1
Nothing Reported

Tier 2

maged_shoman/jasg2207 (1) - Maged makes an unsafe return to the track here in front of another car. He may not have been aware of the car behind but its a drivers responsibility to check the track map and to rejoin safely. This resulted in the car behind having to take evasive action to avoid a major collision (Warning
maged_shoman/jasg2207 (2) - Both cars going into tight left hander and Maged does appear to move very slightly making contact with car behind. While not enough here to warrant any penalty I would say that Maged should try to be aware of the cars around him and try to avoid contact
Renegade T1-L1 - Renegade makes a another T1 mistake here misjuding the breaking and making contact with a number of cars. As this is the second time in a number of races this has happened a further penalty should be applied as its dangerous and ruining others races. (5 sec time penalty added to race time and Qualiying ban - happens again this season and a race ban will be imposed)
QVR_FCGameboys/RinkeMouris/ Jasg2207/EVRMatt/Renegade - This incidnent is not pretty. A lot going on here albeit on lap 1. QVR_Gameboys goes for a late move into the tight chicane and then subsequently makes contact with renegade who spins while causes further incidents behind between others as a result. While QVR_Gameboys tried to make an overtake as fair as possible he has to take into account the proximity of other drivers and battles on track, the move was no there to be made at this stage of the race, as he should clearly see Evr_Mattr, Rinke_Mouris and Renegade battling for position. Other contact with other drivers was a result of the initial QVR_FCGameboys and Renegades contact, no action will be taken there. (5 sec penalty QVR_Gameboys added to race time for causing a collision).
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