Season 5 ILRF1 PS4 Tiers - Changes and what to expect going forward


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Aug 4, 2018
Hi Guys,

Getting a lot of questions over the last few weeks about sign ups and Season 5 etc, I will try and answer the most popular ones below


Sign up - All Drivers will be expected to resign up on the forum. If you're a current driver or a reserve for season 4 you will not be expected to do TT times again.
Sign up Date - Looks like early March - 1 week early for all current drivers (early bird) during the last week of season 4 before it goes to the public. Sign ups will close Sunday 24th March for us.
Will I be demoted or promoted? - Depends on your pace and standings. Winning 1-2 races and DNFing 8 isnt going to get you promoted. I think you as a driver have a good idea. All tier winners will be promoted at least 1 tier, 100%. Demotion depends on who signs up and available space. Some drivers haven't met the required pace to stay in tiers they are in, so expect changes ( especially Tier 2 and 3).
Calendar and format - Same ILR format as our regular ILRF1 seasons. Calendar will be a shorter one . At the moment is looking like a 10-12 race calendar but will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks.
When will it start? - End of April ?( Either 18th or 25th April).
When wil the races be? - Same time and days as all current tiers at the moment. Thursday - ILR3/4/5/6 , Friday - Xbox and Sunday - Tier 1/2 ps4. If we have any additional ps4 tiers it will be Thursdays at 6.30pm UK Time with ILR5 and ILR6.
I haven't perfomed as well I could, will I lose my seat? - Depends on your DNF/DNS ratio. We have a surplus of reserves and current mid season sign up drivers who are waiting and we think its unfair that a full time driver who is only managing to finish 6/7 races in a 21 calendar season to keep his seat. You're here to compete and race against one another and expected to honour the commitment which can be found under rules and settings. I would rather have 3/4 tiers of fully committed drivers then 6 tiers where half the grid DNFs each week.
Will you tell us when sign up is live ? - Yes we will post on the forum, twitter, twitter group chats and discord. If I have time, I will personally message all 200 drivers to ensure they are aware of the sign ups. But its on you to take the initiative.
What tracks will the shorter calendar feature? No Singapore, Russia, Baku or Monaco for a start. We have selected the tracks based on the best racing of season 4 and which offer the most strategy. We won't please everyone but thats an impossible job! It will start with Australia and finish in Brazil ;)
What happens after we have signed up? - I will go through all sign ups and place all drivers in a tier according to their ability and last seasons performance. Any further communication on placement will be done via twitter.One we are confident we will start adding drivers to new twitter group chats ahead of season 5, once lineups are confirmed we will let you all know via the forum and twitter group chats!

Here is the new stuff

Can I pick what car I drive and teammate? - This season we will be shaking things up. Drivers will be allocated their car and teammates based on performance from last season, drivers will no longer be chosing their own cars or teammates. We have taken this decision based on the higher turnover of drivers through a season and the sheer volume of drivers we have to do admin for and chase up. We know this might disappoint some, but the constructors have rarely been close, so with our new ranking system we hope to make it closer then ever at the front, realistic and based on true performances. I will privately rank all 20 drivers in each tier by A.B.C coeffcient. A RANKING - Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull . B RANKING -Renault, Force India, Haas. C RANKING - Mclaren, Toro Rosso, Sauber, Williams. So if you were a title challenge in ILR3.. youre likely going to be ranked in A... meaning you will be in the top ranked cars and be teamed up with a driver of similar ability. If you have just come up to the tier or struggled last season (finished 16th) , you are likely to be ranked C, meaning you will most likely be in a Williams or Mclaren. If we were to take the current ILR3 standings for example, this is how the ranking system would work for team mate and car allocation -

Clear as mud?

Any futher questions, please get in touch with me on the ILR account. Also please please please.. pick a PSN and stick with it. We aint letting you change during the season no matter how many times you ask...
When signing up, if there are specific days or times you cant make, please post that to, helps me out so much. I.E.. youre ILR2 pace but can only make 5.30pm etc.. we will see what we can do!
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