PS4 Season 5 suggestions


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Aug 4, 2018
Hey guys!

Feel free to post any ideas and suggestions ahead of the new season which will start most likely in June.

Ideas we want - Tracks / format / race settings / cars

Races will remain at 6.40pm - 7pm race start as season 4.

Most importantly we want to hear what car you want to compete in for next season!
Aug 23, 2018
Tracks - Current tracks are fine but preferably swap out Interlagos for Autopolis
Race settings - Heavily reduce the tyre wear, x2/x3 but increase fuel depletion, managing your fuel is more tactical than just pitting every so many laps for fresh tyres, give the drivers something extra to worry about.
Format - Reduce the amount of permanent drivers to allow space for 1-2 commentators, I miss the old ILRGT Streams where we could watch the action back aswell as get people involved that maybe are wanting to see how ILR drivers race.
Cars - Personally would love to have GR.3s back, after these last few seasons with Super GT and Gr.4, we had the most intense and clean battles In Gr.3s compared to any other Car class that we've used previously, for longer duration also.
I will definitely race in Season 5 either way as I have done since Season 1 😊👌
Dec 13, 2018
Group C or Super Formula as car class.
Bring back refuelling, 2 or 3x depletion, possibly 75% starting amount.
Bring back SS tyres ideally, but balancing them is difficult of course so understandable if they stay away, tyre wear possibly reduced a little too.
NORDSCHLEIFE PLS IF WE DON'T USE SF, but all other tracks have been great really so calendar selection isn't a big issue.
Aug 12, 2018
I think one of the latest Tokyo Expressway layouts and Autopolis should be in the next season (depending on what cars we use).
Super Formula or Group C for next season imo.
Enforce the use of at least 2 compounds? Or every driver must stop twice? Not sure how to enforce that.
The rest keep as is, it's fine.


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Aug 13, 2018
Super Formula or GR. 3 would be cool. Get rid of Bathurst again. Tire wear was a maybe a bit too strong. Standing start is fine, keep that. NORDSCHLEIFE HAS TO COME BACK!
Aug 12, 2018
Track - anything bar Bathurst or NORDSCHLEIFE.
Car - anything bar Gr.4 maybe the new super formula.
Fuel needs to be saved not just pit for tyres
Change tyres for different rounds. So like
M/h one round and SS/S the next. And implement you have to use different compounds to get rid of S/S
Dec 21, 2018
Pitstop windows. Force people to think strategy. Give two pitstop windows at roughly 1/3 or 2/3 into the race. They can pick one or both, but one is manditory.
How about an endurance championship aswel. Gr1 or gr2 and race duration can be 2 or so hours
Dec 12, 2018
a sprint race and a feature race
so you do a qualifing of 15 min
a sprint race of 20 min
then reversed grid feuture race of 30 mins
and you can get more points in sprint race so people dont place last on purpose in the sprint race so they can get a better feature race


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Aug 4, 2018
My thoughts (and what folk have said to me too)
Car - Super Formula
If we do SF - we need to remove M.Panorama and Tskuba. I would also like personally to see Monza removed for a season - high rate of incidents and poor track limit penalties.
Tyre wear down to x3
Fuel - 25% start and x2 ?
Tyres - SS-S-M
Default setups?

Would like to implement mandatory tyres but very difficult to manage.

Also worry is more casual drivers on GT might not be able to afford the SF car right away.

Points - 10 for a win, 8 2nd, 6 3rd ,5 4th , 4 5th, 3 6th, 2 7th ,1 point for 8th. and 1 point for pole

Tracks - Dragon Trail , Autopolis , Red Bull Ring , Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Fuji , Nürburgring GP layout, Suzuka, Interlagos

Issue with the SF is the style of car and the lack of proper race tracks to allow good racing. I dont think Maggiore or Kyoto would be the best due to the high offset camber corners and high inclines at times. But I could be wrong! Monza is just a shit fest each season so far, but open to do the track again.

Did think about doing a sprint race / feature race but can be abit messy and trivial at times. As we have seen many times before with the smaller grids, the quicker drivers starting at the back dont suffer too much and normally P5 by lap 2 anyway.

BOP is a issue too I believe
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Dec 18, 2018
Car - super form or gt 3

Tracks - I WANT OVALS!! would ditch fuji, bathurst, Nurburgring - Bring in Blue moon ( oval ) , East Tokyo, either a St croix layout or Lago Maggie

Iv done a few races so far with grids, im worried that the starts might be a dodgy, would it be better to go back to a rolling start? or have rolling starts at some tracks so quaily means that much more?

Could also do Flying Lap only quaily, like what happend at the 1st race of the T2 season before we came to the grid reset. means if you push hard you could get lucky and if some of the better drivers mess up they then have something to do during the race ( overtake )

Would bring back the stream, perhaps with one comm?

would ban car setups, just use the car default.

From limited driving of the supers, they have the feel of grp 2, few lobby races everybody was all over the shop.

just my thoughts.
Dec 21, 2018
Car - Super Formula SF19!
Tracks - Remove Tsukuba and Bathurst, bring back Suzuka and Maggiore and introduce Catalunya and Autopolis
Tyres and fuel - See Jluke111
Format - introduce teams' championship, maximum four cars per team. Switch to standing start with false start check. Maybe 50 minute races?
Car - SF/Group C/Gr.3 would all suit me just fine.
Tracks - Bring in Autopolis, Suzuka & Catalunya to replace Tsukuba, Monza & Bathurst.
Reducing Tyre wear & increasing fuel would be ideal, introducing standing start with false start check, force drivers to use 2 different tyre compounds & maybe make the top tier 15 drivers & 1 streamer again, lots of great battles that have been missed this season.
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Dec 6, 2018
My preferance for category would be group c cars but i'm fine with super gt, gt3 and SF as well.

Don't really care about fuel or tyre wear as long as it is not mandatory to use 2 different compounds.

I'd prefer setups to be banned.

Remove tsukuba and maybe bathurst from the calendar and add catalunya, suzuka and autopolis.
Dec 19, 2018
Use Super Formula cars for season 5.
For calendar. Have 10 rounds. All of them apart from the oval thingy must be Japanese tracks.