XB1 Season 6 - Round 16 - Japanese Grand Prix Incidents Here

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ILR Head Steward

Head Steward
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Oct 8, 2018
All incidents must be reported no later then 2pm UK Time next day. We have a tight turn around and a small team so would appreciate co-operation in reporting any issues ASAP.

To report you must do the following for it to be officially recognised by the steward team, failing to do so will mean it will not be looked at as the steward team need to be given correct information at the time of the investigation;


Race/Round –

Driver(s) involved – Gamertags & twitter @

Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) –

Link of in game POV (link has to be available on Youtube or Twitter and must not be taken down until the investigation is over) Mobile devices used for filming or using race broadcast as proof won’t be accepted. Footage provided must be on incident only and not a full race POV, this time consuming for stewards.

Above is the template all drivers must you when submitting an incident, if the incident is to remove a penalty or any other miscellaneous then we appreciate that there might not be drivers involved.

For any corner cutting penalties to be removed you must provide your race director displaying all your warnings.
Desync incidents - we will be less forgiving this season regarding this and issue penalties to reoccuring offenders. There has been more than enough warnings about the state of the game.

Failing to provide the information stated will mean your incident will not be looked at.

This thread is for drivers to post incidents ONLY.
Not for discussion or disagreements with drivers or the stewards team. Any such negative remarks will be removed and drivers will be warned.
Oct 5, 2018



I would like to have this 3 second time penalty removed, please. I believe the car behind locks up a bit and makes small contact but enough to cause me to open the steering and cut the corner to avoid a bigger collision and damage as it's very tight for 2 cars to get through that corner.

I sense it's nothing more than a racing incident and I am not looking for a penalty for the car behind, just removal of the time penalty. I didn't get any other penalties in the race and this would promote me to P5 in the race as I finished 1.7 seconds behind 5th.

I have attached clip of incident and the race director.

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