PS4 Season 6 - Round 16 - Russian Grand Prix - Incidents Here

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Heavy T

Jul 9, 2019

Race/Round –Russia

Driver(s) involved – HeavyT_14 & GG_Biggsery

Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) – We were side by side going into corner 9 on lap 14, you can see me (GG_Biggsery) trying to overslow the car a bit to give him more room on the outside but he turned in on me like i wasn't even there. Maybe not penalty worthy but at least bad awareness of the cars around you and not giving enough room going into a corner side by side.

My bad, I turned in thinking I got the move done and that I was already in front. Wasn’t intentional just bad awareness :(

ILR Head Steward

Head Steward
Staff member
Oct 8, 2018

Nothing reported. Well done drivers.


QVR_Chill and A1M_Paresh - Paresh hits the back of QVR_Chill at turn 1 and causes him to spin and receive damage. Qualifying ban penalty issued to Paresh for causing a collision and creating domino effect at T2 affecting multiple cars.


TMC_Corboy97 and Khalifaalk99 - Khalifaalk99 makes contact from behind at a part of the track overtaking isn’t expected. TMC_Corboy97 is already through the corner. The avoidable incident spins TMC_Corboy97 and receives wing damage. However it is noted TMC_Corboy did clip the curb and lose time through the corner, which might of caught Khalifaalk99 out a little.5 second time penalty issued to Khalifaalk99.

jcarty23 and Sam_Saunders1- Sam_Saunders1 does not accelerate or brake extreme enough to warrant it to be dangerous from the POV provided, contact is made at low speed, however we need to review if Sam_Saunders did a false restart or not. Decision pending footage from Sam_Saunders.

JYPynski, virinhoh1108, ronline26 and Speed_Knighton - it ‘looks like’ Speed_Knighton hits the back of JYPynski Into turn 1 causing collisions between multiple drivers. Desync could be the factor resulting in the collision not driver error.- Decision pending Speed_Knighton POV to confirm cause of incident.


carlmedz1 and OMG_Bre_is_Here - Omg bre hits the back of carlmedz in the breaking zone of turn 1 causing carlmedz1 to lose his front wing and cause multiple contact with other drivers. OMG_Bre_is_Here will receive a qualifying ban and warning for affecting multiple drivers

petukka16 an HeavyT_14 - Through turn four Petukka is on the inside and HeavyT on the outside, contact is made between the two on the approach to turn five which results in Petukka being forced wide. HeavyT is to blame for making slight contact with Petukka. 5 second time penalty added to final time.

GG_Biggsery and HeavyT_14 - Into turn nine, Biggsery has the racing line and HeavyT goes for a move around the outside squeezing Biggsery and making slight contact causing a spin. HeavyT to blame here but slight contact and not leaving enough space. 5-second time penalty for this incident and reprimand for multiple incidents in last night’s race.


BWRT_Wais and LK_Kyle_22- Kyle could have easily left more space and caused contact between both cars. 10 second time penalty to LK_Kyle_22 for causing a collision and damage to Wais.

Philiphogsten and Okeke21- Philip wants a penalty removed but we require race director to prove no further warnings or penalties were issued. No further action.

Robojeep/MKBorn_2000 - On the back straight Robojeep & MKBorn_2000 go side by side and MKBorn_2000 squeezwes Robojeep to the wall on the inside. No contact was made or damage done. (Warning to MKBorn_2000 for not leaving enough space)

Robojeep/MKBorn_2000/ Yracer - Into turn four here MKBorn_2000 goes for a move on the Ferrari ahead.The Renault had track position; Red Bull driver could of equally of backed out of the move knowing he had best view of the 2 cars ahead – Racing Incident. On the exit of T4, the Renault driver MKBorn_2000 squeezes the Ferrari on the exit of the corner and both cars come together. MKBorn200 to blame here for poor awareness of the Ferrari and not leaving enough space.

Speed_YRacer/MKBorn_2000 - Into turn seventeen MKBorn_2000 makes contact with the inside wall which then knocks him out wide. As Youri is approaching, MKBorn_2000 seemingly moves across the circuit in a dangerous way and nearly pushes Youri into the barrier. Not acceptable from MK_Born2000.

Given the incidents above involing Yracer/Robojeep and MKBorn2000, we have issued MKBorn2000 with a 10 second time penalty and a qualifying ban. MkBorn will also receive a reprimand.. In addition, we have requested POV of the 3 drivers mentioned above to analyse driving standards from all and will update penalties if required in due course.

We would like to reiterate to the ILR7 tier drivers that abusive/threatening behaviour will not be tolerated in the group chats, any more seen will be removal from the league entirely. Bullying up or ‘ganging up’ on other drivers will not be tolerated either as stated in our rules.


DexDexter/MBiesma - Into turn 11 Mbiesma makes slight contact with DexDexter, which causes him to spin into the barrier. The contact is minimal. The Ferrari could maybe leave slightly more space and has been issued a 3sec time penalty although the incident made worse by the games contact model hence the leniency of the penalty.

Toudai/MrJon/Bazza86 - Lap one, turn one heading onto the straight and MrJon's car get spun by others to his left as wheels get interlocked. No erratic moves were made by any drivers. Lap 1 racing incident.

SGT_Splinter/Shabz - On the first straight SGT_Splinter is following two cars one of which is shabz. Both cars are jostling for position with both making erratic moves across the circuit. Shabz moves slightly right and Splinter slightly left and the two cars make contact, No further action.

DexDexter/Shabz - Shabz attemps a move that is not on and causing a collision, which is very avoidable. This very poor car control from shabz. 5 second time penalty. Shabz will be under review next 3 races monitoring his driving standard.
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