PS4 Season 6 - Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix - Incidents Here

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Jun 29, 2019
Tier- ILR3

Race/Round – Spain Round 5

Driver(s) involved – D43T0M0, aleskiller150 &VRT_Shapelele.

Description of the incident (include what lap of the race and what went wrong from your POV) –

aleskiller150 has recovered to track after an off with ThatLaggyPerson. He is slow and I have to ease off as no where to go around him. I run wide to switch back, but VRT_Shapelele has carried the speed through and attempts to go inside me at the same time I try to go inside aleskiller150. VRT_Shapelele then lunges the inside under braking and i am now unable to turn in. VRT_Shapelele pushes me. aleskiller150 un aware in turn turns in on me.

VRT_Shapelele should have backed out and not dived the inside to make it 3 wide.


ILR Head Steward

Head Steward
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Oct 8, 2018
PS4 Incidents (Sunday) - Spain


Aleskiller/ThatLaggyPerson - This is a close one going into T1. ThatLaggyPerson doesn’t leave enough space when making the overtake (5sec pen to ThatLaggyPerson added to next race completion)

Aleskiller/D43Tomo/VRT_Shapelele - Aleskiller gets hit in the back (red indicator) by D43Tomo although contact is made between VRT_Shapelele into turn 4 after a late move. VRT_Shapelele in our opinion showed impatience and was the only 1 of the 3 drivers that could see where all cars were placed into the corner but still decided to try and make a move. VRT_Shapelele caused contact and could have waited on the move and this may have been avoided. (5 sec pen to VRT_Shapelele added to final time)

XY_Campbell/DougieFalcons - Into T1 looks like neither driver leaves adequate space as Dougie is pushed off in T1 and Campbell is pushed wide in T2. (Warning to both drivers to leave more space) No further action


OllyFlavell/Zenquii - OllyFlavell has to avoid the spinning McLaren in T4, we don’t believe Zenquii in the Renault did and just didnt realise OllyFlavell was on the outside but pushed him wide onto the grass. This is poor awareness. After going off track Zenquii then reverses onto the racing line and causes a driver to DNF. This is poor driving, awareness and dangerous. Zenquii will serve a race ban for causing a driver to DNF and dangerous track rejoin.

LR_Nic/CCBrain - ccbrain does move several times on the straight but isn’t dangerous as the opposing car is not within overtaking distance. (Warning to ccbrain for multiple moves down the back straight)


Sparkz/Kornhoff - Kornhoff has claimed responsibility for the incident (Kornhoff has withdrawn from the league due to this error and lack of practice time. No further action.

Likkle_Blocks/speedbari -
L1 T1, Likkle is victim of a tight T1 and the poor contact model here. Speedbari has the corner and Likkle could of conceded the corner. No further action (Racing Incident)
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