PS4 Season 6 - Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix - Incidents Here

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Jul 9, 2019
Tier- ILR6

Race – Canada

Driver(s) involved – Myself (@Stiggy309) and @DionKnul2

Description of the incident – Turned in to turn 1 on lap 14 as if I wasn't there and spun me around


ILR Head Steward

Head Steward
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Oct 8, 2018
PS4 Incidents (Thursday) - Canada


JPGreenwood/JessGamer95 - Start of the race Jess appears to make contact with JPGreenwood off the start. Jess is avoiding the car ahead, and has to take avoiding action herself due to how slow the driver is off the line but doesnt warrant the aggressive move. Its quite clear though seeing the indicators that there is a car on the inside by Jess chose to move left regardless. 3 second time penalty added to Jess final time for causing a collision.

LR_Speedwood/Commandovice - (Commandovice needs to have his connection reviewed next 3 races). LR_Speedwood will receive a 5 second time penalty for causing collision and poor wheel to wheel etiquette. The lag which is apparent (occasionally) is not the reason for the incidents. LR_Speedwood will also receive a reprimand for leaving the session when car is still useable.

Toudai/BgLover37 - Lap 1 turn 3, Toudai is on the inside although BgLover37 has the racing line and they collide which results in Toudai spinning, contact is slight. (Lap 1 racing incident)

BradleyGiles/MurdockF1 - (No footage in report) No further action.

FerryElias – Warning about no abiding by blue flags at times. We have to review your pace next 3 races. It is well below the 107% ruling but we are willing to give you time to get up to pace. But currently your pace is a danger on track.


RiskyRacer/ Stelian - Turn 6 Risky goes for a late move, Stelian is already into the corner and turns in and taps RiskyRacer who is late to the apex. This move was risky and paid the price. We wouldn’t agree by saying the door was left open. No further action.

Apex_Whiteout / Speed Senna – After reviewing several POV we believe Speed_Senna left enough space on the inside to allow Apex_Whiteout to complete the corner. Running deep into T3 meant Apex_Whiteout had to straighten out and could have got off the throttle but chose not to. The contact is very slight but enough to send the car off track. Lap 1 racing incident. No further action.

Apex_Whiteout / YRacer – 10 second time penalty added to final time upon next race completion for ignoring blue flags and dangerous driving to Apex_Whiteout.


dionknul2 / HeavyT_14 – HeavyT_14 appears to hit the rear of the Dion on the back straight. We are not sure why this has happened as Dion is driving safely but appears to be poor judgement and the driver himself accepting the blame which we appreciate. 10 second time penalty issued to HeavyT_14

Stiggy / petukka16 - Petukka moves left even though Stiggy is clearly alongside and was along the straight. This is poor awareness.10 second time penalty and a reprimand to petukka for dangerous driving and causing a very avoidable accident. Time pen will be added to final race time upon next race completion.

Stiggy / DionKnul2 - 5 second time penalty issued to DionKnul for causing a collision. He ran deeper to take the racing line but cut off Stiggy completely.


TMC_Corboy/Coloman - Along the back straight Corboy makes contact with Coloman after Coloman appears to move on the straight. We appreciate Coloman gave the position back but this is still dangerous driving and the driver should not be moving erratically like that with another car in close proximity. 5 second time penalty issued to Coloman and issued a warning about wheel to wheel etiquette


Skyzii/Karige/Conzo - This is messy. Karige collides with Skyzii into the final chicane due to missing his braking for some reason. This causes Skyzii to spin into the Wall of Champions and when attempting to rejoin he collides with Conzo. (Karige will receive a 15 second time penalty for causing a DNF and multiple collisions).Skyzii was a passenger at the wall of champions- not much he could do to avoid it due to game not ghosting.

Warlock/Jcol/Larkin - Run out of turn 2 and Warlock is following Jcol. Larkin is just behind and attempts a move up the inside with Jcol to the left who evidently slows in front of Warlock before the braking zone which catches Warlock off guard. The three then make contact as Warlock get squeezed between the two when going for a move in and they all collide. We have reason to believe the Renaults were trying a tactical overtake and resulted in this clumsy incident. JCol is below racing speed and causes the accident. The games contact model make the incident worse than it actually is too. JCOL is unable to provide POV of his incident to help bring a more accurate conclusion. JCol will be issued with a 10 second time penalty as default ruling for unable to provide footage.

Slenderman/Warlock - Warlock brakes late and makes contact with Slenderman and forces him off track. Warlock gains a position from the poor driving and does not give it back. 5 second time penalty issued to Warlock.

Driver Review
Failing to improve over the next 3 races we will be demoting you or removing you completely. We have multiple reserves wanting to race each week and 20+ driver waiting list currently.If you cant fulfil your commitment you signed and agreed to we will have to take further action. This is down to numerous reasons including - poor attendance, no shows , DNF Ratio % , no desire to finish races & internet connection/disconnection issues.

The following drivers are under final warning regarding attendance and poor finishing Ratio –

Aug 13, 2018

All those laps. Looks like Will and Blizard are helping each other (mainly blizard) to try and hold me up which could have ended badly. Jack has warned people not to do this in the past and he has done that today so hes gone against what a rule is in the ILRLeague
Jan 8, 2019

Canada, Round 7

Cripton-iite (@Cript0n) & LR_Dineen069 (@TimmyDineen)

Lap 27. I have 15 laps old hard tyres, Dineen has fresh (less than 10 laps) mediums. I get a poor run out of turn 4. Aleskiller overtakes me on turn 5 and I have to brake on the outside of turn 6. I lock up and go wide. Dineen goes around the outside of Turn 7, I leave him enough space but he doesn't respect my line and puts me into the wall, ruining my race.

Mar 13, 2019
Tier- ILR2
Myself and @SuperGuyNL

I got a 5 second time penalty for an illegal overtake. I feel like I don't deserve it because Super Guy didn't go when the safety car ended, and I also let back both the P2 driver and P3 position to avoid the penalty.

Skip to 1:55 in the video for the clip related to this incident
May 1, 2019
ilr 3
round 7 Canada
drivers involved - myself cripton
descroption of incedent I had nowhere else to go I mean he was squeezing me into the wall I was out of optools

ILR Head Steward

Head Steward
Staff member
Oct 8, 2018
Sunday Tiers - Round 7 - Canada


Race Start - VSR_Wayne goes for a space which is not there and causing contact with 2 cars (Sparkz & Janul) , which in turn they both spin out. For ILR1 this is very poor driving and cant understand why VSR_Wayne would see it as a potential move at this point given its the race start. More caution needed. Qualifying Ban and Reprimand to VSR_Wayne.

Reprimand to the following drivers for retiring on track with driveable cars -


Drivers, you're in tier 1. Lead by example. Wing damage or a lap 1 incident is not the end of the race, we expect more from you. We ask for a hour of your week. The amount of man hours the admins put in every week and this is how it's repaid is not really fair on the league. Please respect the league and honour the commitment. If we see any further evidence of this we will be issuing automatic qualifying bans. We understand races can not go your way but dont give up at the first hurdle.

ILRT_Likkle /WillMurdoch / VSR_Blizzard - No footage provided by Will Murdoch - 10 second time penalty added to final time. Waiting on footage from VSR_Blizzard. Reviewing footage provided it is quite clear there is a inconsistency regarding Blizzards and WillMurdochs behaviour and pace at certain points of the track, Lap 29 slowing on the back straight to allow WillMurdoch pass like if it 'almost' blue flags but laps before defends aggressively against ILRT_Likkle. We will be reviewing broadcast footage too . **Decision Pending Footage


SuperGuyNL & Speedstah - SuperGuyNL is the theortical SC at this point and drivers behind have to obey by the pace that he sets. At no point does SuperGuy go then check on his brakes. Speedstah accelerates to racing speed still under yellow flags overtaking the lead car under yellow flags, way before the Green Flag line to resume racing. This is dangerous driving and causes issues through the field, and gained positions from it. Speedstah will not have his penalty removed and will receive an additional 5 seconds for dangerous driving under SC.

Following Drivers are now under formal review for poor finishing ratio -

Corey @Corzzzza44
xZenqiii @xZenqiii

Please ensure you attend and complete the next 3 races before the mid season break.


Cripton-iite & LR_Dineen069 - Cripton-iite does not leave enough space on the outside for LR_Dineen, this causes a light tap and games contact model making the incident magnified worse then it was. Cripto-iite was well aware of the car on the outside but tried to squeeze on the exit which initiated the contact. Racing incident. No further action.

Following Drivers are now under formal review for poor finishing ratio -

pedersolheim3620 / TNR_Torpedo

Please ensure you attend and complete the next 3 races before the mid season break.
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