Thrustmaster F1 add on wheel

Aug 30, 2019
Ok guys, I am new to the whole racing online and bought the Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel for the PS4. I am curios if any of you use the F1 add on wheel and what your thoughts are? I would love to upgrade to the Fanatec later down the road, but I do not want to throw to much money at this hobby until I know if I am going to stick with it, or possibly get better.
Those of you who do have the Thustmaster F1 wheel, are the buttons pretty programmable? I ask this because that is one of the problems I am running into in the game, making changes, looking at things with the car while I am in a race tends to cause me to crash because when I am focusing on trying to scroll through things with buttons that aren't really dedicated (hopefully this makes sense).