To assist or not assist? That is the question for season 5


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Aug 4, 2018
Hey guys,

Ive started planning ahead for season 5 on ps4. What ive seen of late is a the urge for a lot of guys to go towards no assists. But what I crucially need to know is, what assists do you currently use or plan to be on in the next 3/6/12 months. So it would be great if drivers in the top 3 tiers ( for the time being) could just comment below simply comment either option A. B or C to what assists they use for league racing or what you would use if we had a top non assist tier.

This would cause a natural split in drivers who do use assists, so for this to work we do need a fairly even field across the top 2 tiers.

Format would be the following -

ILR1 - Sunday 5.30PM UK Time. OPTION A
No assists

ILR2 - Sunday7pm UK Time OPTION B
RL and ABS only.

ILR3 - Thursday 8pm UK Time OPTION C
Assists allowed as usual.

Please comment either Option A, B or C . Choose 1. Please post your PSN gamertag too. Cheers.
Aug 13, 2018
The Netherlands
Option B preferably but than with Medium TC being allowed as well, can't make it that late on Thursdays, or you need to have one tier earlier in the evening then I'm of course fine with tier 3. Also no idea what assists I'll use in months really so just commenting on the current situations which might never change for me personally.