We are on Discord! Join the server today!


ILR Owner
Staff member
Aug 4, 2018
Hi Guys!

Today we have taken the plunge onto discord as our community continues to grow.

This will allow drivers from all tiers to come together instead of being limited to your twitter group chats.

Discord wont replace twitter, but we see it as a more laid back social media platform for drivers to socialise and get to know each other.

Big thank you to @Jess and @MrCosta96 who helped set it up and our the new ILR Discord admins.

To join the Discord server follow this link - https://discord.gg/eUXzFc2

In order to access certain parts of the server, please send a message on the welcome page telling us your PSN/Xbox Gamertag and what leagues you are in at ILR. If you are not in any league, you can say that and we will give you the member role.