Welcome to our new forum!


ILR Owner
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Aug 4, 2018
Hello and welcome to ILR's brand new forum for our ever growing community to come together with the shared passion of Motorsport and gaming!

This is the place where you can sign up to our leagues, get involved in driver discussions, individual tier chat, stewards room and any ILR announcements.

We think this is the perfect social hub were all our drivers can get to each other outside their individual racing tier. So please make sure you get involved in any discussions and also sign up to our upcoming season 4 on F1 2018.

Forum Info - One signed up you have your own personalised account - with username and avatar. You can also earn achievement trophies for doing certain tasks which then promotes you within our forum, account ranking system from Karting, GP3, F2 to F1 driver based on your input to our new forum! The more trophies you unlock the wiser you become ;)

Big thank you to Jamie Turbill creating this magnificent forum and website. Himself and I will be adding content and features to both website and forum over the coming months to make it even better!

If any questions please post them in the discussion thread or message me on twitter!