Whats expected from a driver and from ILRT?


ILR Owner
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Aug 4, 2018
If you are to sign up to possibly becoming a member of ILRT of course we have a few expectations of a driver on and off track. To be brief ;

  • Clean racing record through the leagues you run in
  • If you're racing assists having the intention to learn no assists
  • Your actions on and off track reflect back to the team. Remember to uphold respect towards people, especially on social media. Any abuse, bullying etc will not be tolerated.
  • Personalised logo and banner for social media to be used
  • Gamertag change to include ILRT_ - **If PSN/Xbox fees are involved we are happy to help if you want to maintain a particular account
  • Social media acknowledgement you race with us/ represent us through the leagues a driver competes in
  • Help other members of the roster - i.e setups, tips, practice sessions

What is expected from ILRT to a driver ;
  • Support on and off track. Help identify any issues that may rise and help said driver
  • Take the driver to the next level and promote their driving through social media and the ILR brand
  • Awards and prizes for drivers winning 'competitive' tiers in the leagues they race in - can be financial or other means if needed
  • ILRT graphics team to help create content for drivers
  • Social media retweets for any channels or brands the driver wants to promote
  • Internal awards and prizes between drivers
  • ILRT personalised eSports apparel once drivers have commited long term to the team
  • Driver progression and internal practice sessions
  • Any personal help or advice too ( be it sim racing related or personal we are here to help)
  • Entry into eSports competitions
Unlike other teams we want to be open and realistic about the expectations we set on a driver and ourselves. As you can see these are the sort of plans we have and always have room for further improvements and enhancements as we progress in 2019. These 'expectations' are by no means fixed, we are always flexible and accomodating, but believe some of our ideas and thoughts have to be out there so a driver appreciates what we are after.